About Me

Strangely Creative
and always laughing!

I am at the splendid age where I can flirt outrageously, laugh out loud and don’t really much care what anyone thinks or says!  How fabulous!

As my Great Grandmother said “call me what you like, as long as you don’t call me late for me dinner!”.   I can assure you, that wisdom does come with age and experience - and the purple hat sits very nicely!

My very precious Mum has kept all my little bits of artwork, along with school reports,vaccination certificates (laughing!) and it's obvious that I loved to draw and paint from an early age.  It was encouraged, very much so, because whilst I was doing that at least I was quiet! 

I can remember my wonderful Auntie Jill taught me how to crochet and I made endless bags out of those crochet squares and they had those huge round wooden handles.  Then it was crochet waistcoats, the longer the trendier – and then shawls, oh blimey I can see myself now in this long crochet waistcoat, flares and clogs with huge platforms!

I drifted into a Civil Service career – which developed into a very stressful environment, and crafting has always been a wonderful way to unwind.  

For many years I worked very closely within the craft industry, and I have seen enormous changes, met some of the most wonderful and talented individuals – and generally had a great time.   I have taught art and crafts to hundreds of students both in the UK and abroad, been published, done TV work, designed new products, developed new ideas and products, gaining a great deal of satisfaction.

I am so blessed, to have the most wonderful family and friends, I couldn’t ask or wish for anything more.  I find, that for me now, blogging is a brilliant way of keeping in touch with crafting, but also enjoying life, having fun and going out and about.

Earlier this month I met someone who I hadn't seen for many years, whilst chatting she said to me :
“You know Cathryn, that’s the one thing I always remember about you - you are always laughing!”      
And that will do for me!!