Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Spring is almost here!


After Januarys Create whatever - sorry it will always be CHA!!! I was expecting lots of new ideas, lots of new inspiration - and thought wowser I will be raring to go!

Duh??? I think it may be me, in fact it probably is!   I just feel gunged out, texture paste out, spray on inks out - everything seems so "samey" - having that time off through being poorly, its sort of shifting my crafting.  Its made me appreciate the beauty of what is around us, and I find myself thinking lots and lots!!! Maybe its a knock on effect due to my sight issue.

So, they always say things come full circle (I dont know who "they" are by the way) - and I thought I would go back to a craft that I used to do 20 odd years ago, in fact I was really heavily into this.  So I dug out all my old patterns and am slowly refining them, updating them and its so enjoyable, and I can see them!!! Laughing!!! Massive plus point there!

This is the one I will be teaching at craft club tonight - its my Daffodils made from paper - I think they are so lovely, bright cheerful and take no looking after - dont even need to change the water!!!

I hope this has made you feel a bit inspired, if you are also "gunged out" and looking for something different - I can highly recommend this!

Enjoy your week and keep popping by as I begin posting a bit more!

4 comments: said...

Cathryn hellooooooo !

When this popped up in my newsfeed I was overjoyed I can't tell you how happy I am to see you are recovering even if it is slowly and not only that but crafting again. You have been so missed all of these months not only for your crafty delights but you're witty and funny posts.

I can't believe that the daffodils are paper they are heavenly and look even more beautiful than real ones. I don't blog as often as I used to am more into dressmaking these days or the things I do make I very rarely share.

So so glad you are back

Take care

Florence said...

These are sooo pretty Cath. Gunged out as well. I have been thinking along the same lines as you since around Christmas. Have fun with your group.
Hugs Flo xx

Neet said...

You mean you have made these Cath? Oh wowser, they are great - I need a lesson. Can you do them in polymer clay? Just a thought although I must admit papercrafting is my first love and I have not been claying around much of late.
Must check up on your posts and play catch up with you - off now to see another
Sending love
ps love the 'chips' and will no doubt do it.

Kris said...

These are gorgeous!!!! So glad to see your posts again!!