Sunday, 26 February 2017

Everythings coming up Roses!


Have you all had a good week?  Storm Doris paid us a visit although we have the pots and stuff blown over it was nothing like the mini typhoon in November!

Wow that one really said hello!  It took down one of the branches off one of Mums trees, and it just picked it up ripped it off and dumped it right smack between the connie and the garage - and it was the whole length of the garden!  The tree men had to come and cut it up cos it was that big.

I was out for the day at Birmingham Xmas Market - well I say that very loosely because we had to stop no end of people and ask them where the market was and apparently we were in it!  "But where is the main market, where are all the stalls?" "here", "where?", " here", "where?", "here"!!!!!!!!

So when I got home (it was dark) and everywhere felt "not right".  Me to him "have we got a chimney pot?" Him "dont know" (he never knows anything that may incriminate him in anyway shape or from - so standard answer is always "dont know") Me "well I dont think we have one now!!"
and no we didnt because it was in the front room!!! Well not quite but it was still on the roof, but not where it should have been!

Anyway -

I made a birthday cake for a little girl who wanted a chocolate one, so I thought right - I'll do the ultimate chocolate cake.  Chocolate sponge with choc chips, filling with white chocolate, covered the whole thing with milk chocolate and then decorated it with fudge bars and white chocolate buttons and topped it with my new obsession - a handmade paper rose!

Apparently she wont cut it, just sits with it on her knee in the box!

Then I thought you may like to see a picture of a rose on its own =
once again its made from paper and I am in the process of making quite a number of these as I try out all the different colours of the paper available.  Its lovely because it doesnt take up any room, costs very little and you have something so pretty at the end of the process.

Have a great week everyone whatever you are doing!


Florence said...

Giz a bite!! Amazing cake. Loving the roses. My heart was in my mouth when I read your chimney was in your front room! Pleased to hear it is still on the roof somewhere!!! Hope everything is ok.
Hugs Flo x

Kris said...

Storm Doris brought severe winds with her to here too but not too bad in our area. The rose is absolutely beautiful!!!