Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Autumn Days for Indigo Blu


For some reason I thought the challenge was Autumn Leaves! Duh!  So here is my Autumn Days (Leaves!) wreath!

First of all I dried a load of leaves in the microwave, then using PVA glue stuck them onto an mdf ring from Robs (, then added texture paste through a stencil here and there.

 Then I gessoed it  painted it all White and then Gold (the white undercoat means the Gold shows at its brightest).  The leaves were then painted with various colours of Viva Decor Inka Gold, and outlined very loosely in black.
 I stamped 3 Indigo Blu Sunflower images onto white card stock and painted them

 Then put them over a bath sponge and darted random holes in the centre using a bodkin

 Then using Black, Browns and a Fawn embroidery thread, did french knots in the centre of each sunflower.   The petal were cut randomly so they could be lifted and shaped (as were the leaves) and I coated each one with a shiny varnish.

 The chipboard letters were painted black and crackled to add more interest
 Then the sunflowers and letters were glued onto the wreath and I also added raffia as a "nod" to the season.
 Finally I found a 50p heart frame in the Charity Shop and it reads "family" so I hung that in the centre and it made the project "pop"!

Enjoy and thank you for visiting!


Kris said...

Hi, that's really ... trying to find the right word ... - autumny!!! Trying the leaves in a microwave, why haven't I thought of that. But my favourites are the sunflowers, putting that thread on there makes them even more 3D.

Maxine Jones said...

Hi Kathryn - WOW - all I can think! I do that weird thing too...change the theme of the challenge in my head to an alternative name....still works!!! Lovely post, Maxine x