Thursday, 8 October 2015

ATC Swap for Mixed Media World with Viva Decor!


ATC Swap Party!

An ATC swap! What a fab idea - its yonks since I did an ATC and it really tickled my fancy!

I did these

First thing was to spread the Servietten (semi gloss) through a stencil with a palette knife.  The Servietten is acutally used for napkin decoupage - but on its own creates the most fabulous non sticky resist - its brilliant!   You can just see the outline of the resist on the ATCs
 Then using two different colours of Paper Soft (which is like a soft ink) I coloured the whole ATCs then put the second colour through a different stencil.
Wipe off any excess from the resist with a dry paper towel.

Then I added various ephemera and images (from LAND OF NOD STUDIOS) and further embellished with the Glitter pens and paper pens, as well as using crackle medium over the dragon fly on one of the ATCs.

I also used the Stamp Paints and stamped various stuff.
You can see the stamping on these below

I really enjoyed doing these and am very happy to SWAP WORLDWIDE - and have 6 to swap - would you like to swap with me?  

Go over to Mixed Media World and join the party! 


Janka said...

Hi, your ATC are amazing! I would like to swap one card with you :)


Kris said...

Oh, these ATCs are exquisite. I have never ever done any ATCs, maybe will give a try!!:)

Buttons said...

These are fabulous Cathryn! Jenny x

Ansku said...

Wonderful cards. I would like to swap one card too with you.If Magig world is available, i would like to have that. My cards are on my blog (Ansku 2 swap) there is my email too. Sweet is already taken.

Riikka Kovasin said...

These are captivating! Really great ATCs <3

Ingrid Kristina V said...

These little beauties are fantastic! I'm so glad you enjoyed the swap! Keep an eye on the MMW blog for more updates! Thank you for joining the fun! Ingrid xxx