Sunday, 5 July 2015

Lets Face It!


Today we are in Japan - how lovely!

I hope you are enjoying this warm weather - its been a bit too hot for moi (coupled with the odd hot flush as well ....phew!).   As part of my blog update I am trying to be on Google+ - rather than facebook, I have
tried to do facebook and it was too hard - mainly because I am a moron.   Also being Billy no mates played a large part in it as well!! (laughing........thats not true btw!!)  (I hope - although I can see a certain person out there who I KNOW is going to reply!!!)

Well - the old MOJO is back and the urge to do a FACE really came over me, its been a while hasn't it?  Mainly due to my eyes - and I go back very soon to find out if I face another operation, so thought it best to do it whilst the urge was there and whilst I am able.

If you want to learn to draw a face and are not a natural artist - then you wont go far wrong in purchasing the Suzie Blu book which is available at Artist Trading Post, its a really good book.

So this is for the Artful Times Challenge which is use a stencil from the Crafters Workshop range so I used an old favourite which is COSMIC SWIRL its a brilliant stencil and I use it all the time.

 I used a 6x4 canvas - and first of all using the old Napkin Decoupage technique added the background, then inked it over.

For my faces I always do them onto paper and cut them out - it give a cleaner line and you dont have to worry about the background so much.   Its done using a mixture of pencils, coloured pencils and a sketching pen.
 Once I was happy with the postioning of her along with the added ephemera, it was all glued down.  Then I used texture paste through the stencil to create her hair.  Being careful not to touch the birdcage.

Once the texture paste was dry I went over it with several VIVA DECOR INKA GOLDS (these are THE most AMAZING products - I am utterly over the moon with these - go and seek them out, you really will not be disappointed!)

I used Violet, Turquoise, Orange, Iceblue and Graphite to achieve the softness that I wanted.  Then to further enhance her I used VIVA DECOR PAPER PENS - in Opal and Gold, to create perfect pearl drops. These didn't dribble, run or squirt out like some - just flowed out of the pen perfectly.  I LOVE THEM!!

Thank you for popping in and if you have left a comment - that is really lovely! - perhaps you will join me on my PINTEREST page (I hope so!)



Joi at RR said...

Ahhhh - Cathryn - she is sooooo lovely... wow. Might be worth getting the book you recommended if one was able to create something as FABULOUS as this. Lots of faces do nothing for me... but your gal has something very special... I am really enjoying her alot. Thanks bunches for sharing such beauty. j.

Buttons said...

So happy to see your faces again! I love the way the swirls tumble across her eyes - she reminds me of one of those traditional Irish dancers. Hope you don't have to go through the upheaval of another op. Jenny xxx