Thursday, 9 July 2015

Lets Face it part 2 - I got it wrong!!!


First of all I LOVE MY NEW BLOG - I think Susie of 1st Floor Flat Blogspot has worked miracles, she has been so patient with me, sent me numerous tutorials and really forced me to take this blog a little more seriously!

With that in mind - I have joined Google+, and also have a Followers button now - so please follow me!  At the moment I am a proper billy no mates!!

I would say I had a blonde moment, but I am not blonde.   I could say I had a senior moment, but I am not senior (although some would beg to differ!).   I should say I had a thicko moment......yep....that fits the bill perfectly!

All of this refers to the fact that in my previous post for the Artist Trading Post Challenge I didnt read the rules properly and used the wrong stencil!  DUH!!!!!

So I have done another entry and this time, fingers crossed, it should be correct!

 I did another face but slightly differently - I used The Crafters Workshop Stencil TCW261S Art is 
 First of all I painted my 6x4 canvas Soft Black, when dry used VIVA DECOR INKA GOLD in Turqoise through the stencil to give a nice background.

Then I drew the face onto paper.
Using the VIVA DECOR servietten medium through the stencil direct onto the paper, created a resist once it had dried.

Then I used the VIVA DECOR INKA GOLD in various colours as a paint, by added a small amount of water they turn into beautifully soft iridescent paints.  Then its glued onto the canvas with PVA glue.

I was really pleased with the way the resist turned out to be honest, it was a bit of a shot in the dark - but it worked and its something that I will certainly use again.

Have a great weekend and thank you for visiting!

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Buttons said...

Another absolute cracker Cathryn! She looks positively whistful (or did you create her rolling her eyes skyward at you!!! lol) LOVE the look of the blog, so bright and cheerful. Thanks for the suggestion of the Suzie Blu book for faces - must look that up. Jenny x