Sunday, 12 July 2015

Clarence goes travelling - mixed media style!


Today we are Cherokee!  How wonderful is that - rather different I must say.   Although I think it highly unlikely I will ever meet someone who is Cherokee round here, still its always handy to know how to say hello and goodbye - just on the off chance dontchathink?   Good to be prepared.

Anyways - what a title!   It refers to my entry in the Country View Crafts Challenge which is On Your Travels - well to be fair, I havent been anywhere!  Only up the road and back! Morrisons, Asda, Llidl - that doesnt really count (actually I only ever shop at Waitrose, I prefer their guacamole and truffle oil)

So here is Clarence
 Its a series of MDF Cogs and a Tag.   I rusted them using VIVA DECOR RUSTY and PATINA - what a fabulous product!! Crikey just brush it on and voila - its instant rust.  I was mega impressed with it. The Rusty paint dries with a kind of gritty finish, almost like sandpaper.  Then you apply a second coat and whilst its still wet, add the Rusty Patina - so it results in a very natural appearance.   There are two colours - Orange and Burnt Umber in the Rusty Paint - I used both of them as rust isnt obviously 1 colour.  The Patina comes in orange and green - once again I used both.  I really enjoyed using them because the end result was so stunning.
Clarence (he looks like a Clarence doesn't he - got that upper class look to him)  is an Edwardian Cabinet Photograph which I collect and I thought that the cogs represented trains -so thats why I added on the Tim Holtz collage stickers.  It felt as though he may have done a grand tour.
 The rivets are those candy things painted in the Rusty. You can just see the printed tape - thats actually sellotape placed on the word Travel in an old dictionary and burnished with a bone folder.  It makes a kind of washi tape and its a great little technique.   The metal embellishment is a cupboard handle, I found them at a furniture warehouse and bought quite a few - Rob (MDFMan) loves them - he went and bought up the remaining 38,000!! (I dont think there were that many - although I am sure it must feel like that!)

I really like it - no I dont ... I LOVE IT!!!  But the Rusty (sigh...) its a fabulous product!

Thank you for looking and have a lovely week!



Florence said...

Happy Sunday. What a fantastic project. Loving the rusty stuff. Great effect. Thanks for the heads up on that. I feel a purchase coming on!!!!
Hugs Flo xx

Craftyfield said...

Great rust! I just bought an acrylic paint to do rust but I must find how to get it grainy for a more realistic effect! Your project is suitably vintage with a dash of steampunk and very original!