Sunday, 7 June 2015

Happy but Sad..........................Artful Times

Oh how lovely - over at Artful Times they pulled my name out of the hat and I won!  Thats so lovely - but so sad they are finishing.
Its such a shame - but as I have said before, its such hard work for
both the lovely Neet and Wendy - and boy have they worked hard.

Girls I salute you both! xxx

Ok so I have nothing to show you craft wise - but I am working on something and I will soon post it, and fingers crossed - the instructions will be in a different format.

However I would like to show you this..........

I grew it!  Its my Clematis Diamantina!  Oh its a cracking plant and I am so thrilled, the display has been amazing.   I am a rubbish gardener and work like this....plant it, kill it, or dig it up thinking its a weed.  Replace it, plant it, kill it..............what a cycle!!  So now I have to have those plastic thingies identifying everything so I dont pull it up.   Mind you its better than the Banana - his is......pull it up, concrete it, bed, pub!!!! Laughing!!!!

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