Friday, 3 April 2015

Grunge Paste for Paper Artsy Challenge


Well Ok we are still speaking Hawaiian - but I do hope you are all having a good holiday.   Its been agreed on the last post that the woman in the hat is deffo going to tie one on, get pissed as a fart and kick the hell out the waste paper bin.......oh no that was me yesterday! ha! ha!


I thought I would enter the Paper Artsy Challenge which is Grunge Paste and I really really love grunge paste - its a proper staple now isnt it.

Because its Easter I wanted to do an Icon and here is my offering

As you know from this blog - I love art, and I also love old postcards and stuff.   This particular painting which is so beautiful its heartbreaking and I felt awful cutting up the postcard, but its nice to use it rather than it being stuck in a drawer.  It is "La Vierge Consolatrice" by Bouguereau, arent I a snotty one!  But he really is the most wonderful religious artist and its a very powerful painting.

I used an mdf tag from the Robster which I sprayed gold.   Then some mdf inches which I gessoed and covered with the Grunge Paste, sinking the bits and bobs into the paste whilst it was wet.

Gessoed it again and then sprayed them gold.  Some of the inches were stamped with a Paper Artsy stamp - that one with the men in top hats and a ruler at the bottom.   I also painted some dominoes (donimoes! ha! ha!) and covered them with some pictures.  I wanted it to look as though the "mosiacs" had been fashioned out of clay - and I loved the uneven look the paste gave.

Found some metal frames and cut out the sections from the postcard I wanted - then arranged everything onto the tag and glued it down.

Rob has these backs for the tags now, so that you can display them as pictures - but it still didnt balance out for me.  So I cut in half an mdf cog from Robs and glued them to the back and it all balanced out then.   They were sprayed black and then gilded through a stencil to add some interest, then the whole lot was generally titivated with gilding waxes, sparkly stuff and what not.

So enjoy the rest of the holidays - have fun and if it ever stops raining here we may see a teeny tiny bit of sunshine!


Shilpa Nagaonkar said...

Beautiful vintage creation, so many interesting things to see.

Lucy Edmondson said...

I'm gobsmacked, this is incredibly clever and artistic and the effect is amazing!

Lucy x

Susan Carol said...

Wow, awesome icon, its stunning!

Wanda Hentges said...


Anni - My Creative Life and Mixed Media Books said...

A fantastic piece of art and with so many different elements, love your work, thanks for your sweet comment om my blog.

Sarah B said...

Stunning xx

Etsuko Noguchi said...

Awesome piece. I love the design and the natural colours. xx