Thursday, 5 February 2015

A Man Tin for Artful Times!

Hallo! Wie geht's?

Well I so enjoyed making my last project for the Paper Artsy Challenge, that I thought I would do it again but for the fab
Artful Times Challenge Blog which is a Man Challenge!

The banana saw my last project and thought it was ace - but as he says, its OK cos that was a good tin.  But what if someone wants to do and they dont have a tin like that?   Hmmmmmm good point isnt it?  Rather unusually, I listened to what he said!! (laughing!)

So this time I am showing you from scratch:- so gather together all your stuff and away we go - cos we are going to make this:

Gather together a load of old stuff, texture paste, stencil, glue, ds tape, gesso, spray enamel, bit of treasure gold or something, bit of old card and...............................a little tin!

You can see exactly what I have done here................. the long white card sits around the round card to form the lid, the second round card sits ontop to neaten it off.

Put the lid on the tin, then tape double sided tape around the outside of the tin up to the edge of the lid.
Glue on all your stuff - I do it over about 3 days, glue a bit on, let it dry then turn the tin etc.
See the white stuff - thats spodges of texture paste.
Do texture past through a stencil on the top of the lid, and whilst the texture is wet around the sides of the  lid add something - I used a bit of chain.
When its all dry paint on a layer of gesso

Spray it all over with enamel spray paint.

Here is another view - dont my kitchen cupboards look nice!

Then wax it, paint it do what you want - I stuck a little lampbulb ontop of mine, then you can put what you like inside for your man.
For instance I will put the following inside mine - NUFFIN!!!!

Tschussi!! (should be an umlaut over the u)


Suze Bain said...

Mm, been ages since I've tasted Carnation milk. Yum. Your tin looks fab, didn't realise how many days it took from start to finish, but I guess you can't hurry art! Xx

sheila 77 said...

I've never seen a Carnation tin turn into something like this before, it's something for which the word "awesome" was invented. I enlarged the picture to see what "stuff" you stuck on. Gosh, gulp!
It's marvellously and very strangely creative.

WendyK said...

A fantastic project. The texture is fabulous, and brilliant use of a tin. Thank you for sharing with us on Artful Times.

Craftyfield said...

Love the way you've stuck things (any things!) on your tin with abandon. Several layers of paint later and it's an object of wonder. Very funny post too...

Craftychris said...

Ooh this is awesome! It's so different I love it! It's worth the time it took. Thank you so much for your visit xxx