Sunday, 28 December 2014

Mixed media/altered art - Steerage Passengers

Hi everyone!

Did you have a great Chrimbo?  Oh I had a lovely lovely Christmas, it was fabulous.

Anyway - I have been working on this altered item for a while - cos you have to let it dry and so on - here it is.

Steerage Passengers

 It looks like an altered book doesnt it!   Now the story behind this is it belonged to a steerage passenger on the Titanic, and it holds the photo of her family who didnt survive.
 As promised here is how it was done.
 Its actually an MDF insert from the Robster - they are about 1" thick and have a lovely rounded end so that they look like the spine of a book.  He does 1 large oval aperture or one with 4 small oval apertures.

Take a thickish layer of texture paste (I used grunge paste) and spread it on the three flat edges, take a comb and comb it along and it will look like book pages. (Robs idea and a really GREAT one!)

Once its dry - add on any bits and bobs you want to frame your image.  I did my usual FRAGMENTOLOGY!
 You can see the "page" effect with the texture paste here very well.
 Next cover the MDF with a book page - I stuck mine on with decoupage glue.  Then added the lace around the edges with a glue gun (I sprayed my bits and bobs first though).
 Then tarted up the bits and bobs even further by sticking on an old necklace of pearls and diamantes.  I left the strings on from the glue gun because I am weird and like them!  The image is a Cabinet Photo (I have loads of these - again because I am weird!)
 OK.......the front and back covers are GREYBOARD covered with scrapbook paper.  Then I knocked it back using GLAZING MEDIUM and RAW UMBER - just to age the paper.  I also rubbed this onto the pages to age and distress them.   Then the covers were positioned front and back and using  nappy liners (any crafter worth their salt has nappy liners in their craft supplies) painted over with TRANSPARENT POWERTEX  on the spine to hold the front and back cover in place - so it acted as a mesh hinge and left it to dry.

To decorate the covers I used  TEXTURE PASTE through a CREATIVE EXPRESSIONS border mask (Elegance), but also spread the paste very thinly over part of the cover to give it more texture.   Once dry I sealed the main design and then applied GILDING SIZE and Gold gilding, waxed it and then stamped with an INDIGO BLU crackle stamp. (zoom in and you can see it quite clearly)

The lace was dyed with cold tea, and then using the POWERTEX (Transparent) again, it was attached over the nappy liner.

The ribbon and the the tassel finish it off - the book pages inside we removed in sections and I just glued one of the pages to the cover so it looked as though the book was intact.  The ribbon hides where the pages were seperated.

Honestly these photos dont do it justice - I must get a new camera!

Any questions just email me I will be happy to help!  

Be STRANGELY CREATIVE throughout 2015!!


Neet said...

Beautiful Cathryn, but what would one expect from you - you always make such wonderful things. So glad to have you back crafting as it is a joy to see.
May I wish you and yours a Very Happy New Year - and that includes mum and auntie too.
Hugs, Neet xx
ps pass on my regards to Robster when you see him please.

Florence said...

Another fabulous post Ugly!! :) Wishing you and your family all the very best for 2015.
Hugs Florence xx