Sunday, 9 November 2014

Altered Ring Plan Binder

I thought I would post pictures of these a little early, they are actually for Craft club and we are setting the members a challenge over the winter months to Alter a Ring Plan Binder.

Ring Plan Binders are great to use - they are cheap, easy to find and so versatile.

I wanted to do two very different styles - so the first one I covered in a sample of Anaglypta Wallpaper, which was then painted and sanded down.  Then I Fragmentologised the cover - the butterfly is actually one of the cards sent from Crafty Individuals when I ordered some stamps.  It was so nice I held onto it cos I knew it would come in useful (tight git!)

This next one has a totally different vibe - very soft and vintage.  I padded it out with wadding and double sided tape.  Then poked holes all around the outside and sewed an old white table cloth onto it.   Then sewed over that two little lacey table runners.

The frame is a bit of greyboard covered with an old blouse from the charity shop - and I made the flowers from the old blouse and the tablecloth as well.   Then I wrapped up the old blouse and will give it someone for Chrimbo, its got no sleeves, half a back - but its the thought that counts really dontchathink?

Inside is covered with scrapbook paper and then I stitched on the edging to finish it off.

You could easily adapt either of these styles for cards, covering mdf etc anything.   

Thank you for reading and have a lovely week - cos I know I am!!!


Buttons said...

Beautifully altered files Cathryn. Great to see you back! Jenny x

Allison Turner said...

Hi sweetie, loving the altered books! xx