Thursday, 5 June 2014

Oh where have you been?

I know I know - shame on me!  In my defence I have been SO BLOOMING BUSY - so here is what has been happening:-

   I developed (out of the blue) blood pressure which made me feel terrible, it was and is HORRIBLE.

.   Massive change in diet and lifestyle - back to walking big time with me mate Diane, and out goes
      white bread, chocolate, pastries and all the nice stuff.  In come OATS OATS and guess what OATS.
      So now I run around kicking up my legs and have developed a habit of rolling on my back in the grass.

Actually it was a virus in my head - and its still in there banging around something shocking, really knocked me off my feet it did. It made me so poorly my blood pressure shot up and my cholesterol level was magnificent - right up there it was! 

I have just swopped the text to large, because the small is really small (to me) so huge sorries if its too large for you!

So - six long months eh!   Oh - and last week was the scarecrow festival - the first one in the village, we organised it.  Then during the night some yobbos (showing me age there!) came and destroyed all the scarecrows - ripped them all up.  Someone found a head in their front garden (I have to say that made me laugh!) - I mean you dont expect to get up of a morning and find a scarecrow head in your front garden do you!

Joined a gym - oh I am sooooo ripped!!!  Lycra from head to toe (Matalan) - Katie Price has got nothing on me!  My bust is so high its directly under my chin ha! ha!, and my backside is like two little apples in a string bag!!  Wooooooo!!!!!! Beautiful and pert! (But then again I cant see it, so that is what I THINK it looks like!!)

Blimey though, when you get off that exercise bike the seat goes with you - talk about hobble!  I dont do the floor stuff - if I get on the floor I cannot get up again, so thats out the door to start with.

Done a "digital collage course" - dead good me.  All the cutting out looks rubbish - like its done by a three year old!! Mainly because I cannot see it, and also cos I get a bit fed up half way through.

Right enough......

Fragmentology ..............................woooooooo.............. 

These are the skulls and the wavy ring from MDF man (oh little AVA is simply divine - she is a mini Rob though, spitting image of him!).
Loads and loads of elements in this - it really takes a long time, mainly because you are waiting for the drying and curing process.  

See the top skull - maybe that shouldnt be poking out of his nose!!!
(hes got a cold!)

cheryl:- I cannot reply to your comment would you like to email me and I will help (btw my family lives in Lanesfield and Bilston - bostin!!!!)


Florence said...

Cathryn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a breath of fresh air. Like the big text easier for me to read. Well hark at you in Lycra. You wait 'til I tell ugly bum Marie. She will want some as well. So pleased you are on the mend. Me and our Marie were so worried about you. In fact we said the next holiday we have we are coming to your neck of the woods and knock on the door. Marie said she thought you would hide behind the curtain. I didn't though. 'cause you are nice! he he!
Stunning project as always.
Take care,
Lots of hugs,
Florence xx

Suze Bain said...

Well hello!! Oh dear, it sounds like you've had a bit of a crap time, I do hope the clouds are beginning to part for you now. I must say I'm partial to a bowl of porridge of a morning but I do agree it's not the most exciting of foods! Thank you for giving your skull a smiley face, otherwise it would be a bit creepy for me! Lol! Take good care, nice to see you again! Xx