Sunday, 29 June 2014

Fragementology - I read the words!

Great title!!!  Hello - how is everyone?   So thought I would post some pictures of another project - "Fragmentology I read the words" -
now if you look closely ........really closely......zoom in the picture.........You've read the have been

That means many things:-

1.  The carver at the £4.95 carvery will cut you the best bit of meat and avoid the burnt and dried up Turkey.

2.  You will be irresistible to all that meet you

3.  You will always get the Mail on Sunday You Magazine 
when they deliver the papers.

4.   You will always approach an empty checkout queue at Tesco
and when the assistant says "would you like any help packing?" George Clooney will be at hand.

5.  "He" wont leave the light on in the garage so that someone (you)
has to go out to turn the blooming thing off!

Wow!  What more can anyone ask?  Although there are other (more secret and profound) benefits, that can NOT be spoken of.
However, here is a little tip, dont take the knife to your partner a la 
Penny Dreadful - cos they simply wont like it!!!

 Thought I would sneak this one in .....this is my entry into the Scarecrow competition but Mum wouldnt let me do it cos she said it wasnt nice!!!!  God love her eh!  Look at them pants - I think they are her best ones, she has probably got them on now.
 Inside of the book -
 I was dead chuffed with this bit......
And the whole book.

Its an MDF book box from the Robster, and I do believe it is on display now.

 Bye Bye and have a great week!


Florence said...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Or where to start!! Ergo??? No...can't see it for looking. Does this mean I am always going to have to put up with the c..p? Fantastic book. You are so clever... completely potty... but very clever. Loving the scarecrow. We all know that you are obsessed with flashing so no wonder your Mum wouldn't let you enter the competion!! LOL!
You take care.
Flo xx

Suze Bain said...

I don't know what to say. Your altered box and flashing scarecrow are absolutely fabulous but you are utterly barking mad! Have a crazy week! Xx

Von said...

Wonderful To have you back in full flow :)LOL
Von ♥

Von said...

Wonderful To have you back in full flow :)LOL
Von ♥