Friday, 2 August 2013

Artful Times Challenge - Corrugated or Ribbed Card


Over at Artful Times the challenge is all about corrugated card - so here is my entry

I took an old black box - it is actually an old pastel box and its really nice, I have a lot of these, mainly cos I am a tight crafter!!  I look at something and think "that will come in useful" stash it
away, forget all about it and then buy something in! Duh!

I got an old cardboard box from Waitrose (No really it was Lidl cos Waitrose don't do corrugated
do they - everything comes wrapped in velvet) and using a craft knife tore away the top layer to
reveal the ribble rabble.

Then I painted it French Vanilla, very scrappily.   Then overcoated it with Gesso - just to knock it back a bit.
Cut it all up and patched it together on a bit of greyboard cut to size, glued it down.

Meanwhile..........I fired up the meltpot and poured over some UTEE onto a nice image using a
cookie thing as a stencil.

Cut out some hearts with the big shot out of some of the scrapped corrugated.

Positioned all my collage items and glued everything down, and then added some Flitter stuff.

Finally stuck it onto the box and poked holes in the corners and threaded through some rustic string.



Von said...

Lovely work collaging with the corrugated card :)
Von ♥

Buttons said...

Love the different elements to this and is that Morris Dance? Looks great. Shopping in Waitrose! WOW, Ashbourne is a way to trek to get your fruit n veg. Most impressed :) Hugs, Jenny x

chrissies said...

This is terrific Cathryn you are such an inspiration.

Love Chrissie x

Neet said...

Loos great Cathryn. I love your collage pieces, you have the knack to put things together and make them look just perfect.
Hugs, Neet xx

Cathy Michels said...

Great colors and textures, Cathryn. I like the addition of the corrugated hearts. The colors look like they are right from nature, which works great with the elements you've chosen.