Friday, 19 July 2013

Texture paste recipe


I keep being asked about the recipe for TEXTURE PASTE - now I use equal parts CORNFLOUR:PVA GLUE:ACRYLIC PAINT - mix them up and then spread it through a mask.
You can purchase texture paste - its now pretty much everywhere, but I have always found this to
work well for me.

The masks are from different manufacturers - a nice place to purchase these with a good selection  is Ali Crafts or Artist Trading Post (both are online retailers)

HOWEVER - I must say that the undisputed king of the paste is non other than the robster
( - as he famously once told me after a 5min lesson "the apprentice has become
the master"!   cheeky sod! - but in this case he is correct and I bow to the new master!! (laughing!)

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