Sunday, 21 July 2013

Ali Craft Challenge for July - BUTTERFLIES


Its a little cooler today - its been a bit too hot really hasn't it, we have to be an "all or nothing" place
weather wise don't we.      Yesterday we went to a Marie Curie Fair and it was lovely, there was a woman doing "regressions" - she told me the most fascinating story of how she wasn't able to wear polo necks at all because in a previous life she had been a boy soldier and was killed by a stab? to the neck!   I cannot wear polo necks cos I get make-up all over the edge, plus my turkey neck hangs over it - this means I must have been Cleopatra in an earlier life.  See the reasoning - no neither do I.

Watched SKYFALL last night - my goodness Daniel Craig IS James Bond - I loved it.   Now me and
Cee Bee (me matey) have approved the actor to play Jamie in the forthcoming production of CrossStitch (Highlander or Outlander in US) - and we cannot wait for that.  Have you read those books - Diana Gabaldon - OMG they are FABULOUS!!!!!

OK Enough prattle......

Here is my entry for the AliCraft Blog Challenge

It is using the new Graphic 45 Steampunk Spells collection - and I rummaged in the shed and found this old wirework bike (don't ask!).    so I cut out the woman and cut a slit to place her on the bike - the back end of the bike keeps the frame upright on my desk.    Then did a bit of this and that added
bits and bobs - and there you are!   What a fantastic explaination!



mike3838 said...

Hi Cathryn,
I commented on an old post but that might not be on your radar. Would you be able to answer a question for me on your post of Aug 19th 2012 "The Gambler"?

Ali- craft said...

Well Cathryn

This has the WOW factor, love it all
hope to meet you soon at the MDF studio, you will have to bring it along, so i can keep it

thank you for sharing with us on the ali-craft challenge
ali x

Von said...

What a find and imagination you have Cathryn :) great make
Von ♥
I'm banned from the shed and he hides the key :(

chrissies said...

This is amazing. Love the bike and what you built up around it Cathryn.

You always make me laugh lol. I can't wear polo necks either-no reason or maybe I stood beside the other lady when the maniac with the knife was on the loose?

Love Chrissie xxx

Buttons said...

I don't like heights (or rather I'm scared of falling). Do you think I was pushed off a cliff in a former life? Oh, this could go on forever!
Now as for your cycling woman, well how appropriate - I'm sat watching the finish to La Tour de France. She probably couldn't top their speeds but she could definitely give them some style tips. Loving the whole concept of this (and your in depth explanation!) Hugs, Jenny x

Strangely Creative said...

FOR MIKE 3838 -

Hi Mike - I couldn't get an email link to you, so I did a post a couple of posts down with the texture paste recipe and good suppliers of the masks. I use equal parts CORNFLOUR, PVA Glue, Acrylic Paint (colour of your choice) and mix it well, it keeps very very well in a screw top jar. Good places to purchase masks are ALI-CRAFTS and ARTIST TRADING POST - both are online and are really great to deal with.
Email me if you need any further help - the Gambler always attracts so much attention.

thank you for taking the time to contact me and I hope this helps!


sheila 77 said...

A fantastic explanation for a fantastic piece - butterflies and a lady on a 3D bicycle! I always enjoy your strange stories of the strange conversations you have with strange people.

Neet said...

You never cease to amaze me Cathryn. EAch time I come to your blog you have made something incredible and this is - well, totally incredible. It is fabulous!!!
Neet cx

Joan said...

Fabulous piece, love the bike! OMG I can 't ,believe they are making a film of Outlander, have read all Diana Gabaldon books, in fact read most of them more than once


mike3838 said...

Hi Cathryn,

I'm still having trouble I'm afraid.

I've found some cogs masks, but every single one is the inverse if what I want. I mean, I want the cogs to be the embossed sticking-out parts, but all the stencils and masks out there (Eg this one: have the exterior of the cogs being the holes, so you end up sticking the paste on the whole box with just the cogs as recessed.

Hope that makes sense...