Sunday, 16 June 2013

Walking in Newstead

So.....I thought I would go back to posting some walking stuff again, cos I havent done that
for ages have I - and you know, we dont half have some laughs.

We decided to walk to Newstead Abbey as the gardens would be something to see - and they looked
fabulous.  So beautiful, the walk to Newstead is lined with Rhododendrens and they were all
in bloom - so it was fantastico!

Water Iris on the Linby Trail - then we turn into the Abbey grounds......
and then Diane found this.....

birds nest! Cool!  I bought it home cos I thought it was wonderful - showed it the banana who
didnt rate it at all ....... he wouldnt touch it, I kept telling him to put his finger in it but he wouldnt
have any of it (still talking about the nest).
Now this is Tony - we really dislike Tony instensely, he is quite nasty.  So we decided to torment
him a bit and we discovered that if you shout "oi" quite high pitched and loud it riles him - and
he starts screeching and giving you the evils.   So there you have two ladies, shouting "oi"
and then running off screaming when he heads towards us.   Mind you we are very brave
when we are trying to poke him with the walking poles - but if he had turned round....Usain Bolt
would be eating our dust!
this is Diane looking into the formal gardens (my back garden btw) - now if you saw Diane
in real life you wouldnt recognise her from this photo because she is only 4ft 6" with waist
length dark hair - so why she looks like this on this photo I dont know.

Just mind blowing isnt it!   We had an encounter by here - some cyclists whom we engaged in
conversation, I dont think that one of them had spoken for about 4 weeks because we just
couldnt get away. 
Just look at this - do you know it was so beautiful it just makes you so proud it really does.


Buttons said...

Looks like you had a fabulous day. Mind that peacock will probably be traumatised for life!! Must try it on the swans by us - they give us and the dog such grief for minding our own business every time we deign to walk along their canal. Newstead really must be a picture as everything has come into bloom at once. We have countryside and walks to be proud of in the UK. Hugs, Jenny x

sheila 77 said...

Thanks for the nice walk, I enjoyed your company along the way.