Saturday, 29 June 2013

Mrs Revills Steampunk Fur Coat

Here is another project I have been sitting on since the beginning of the year - remember I was
rattling on about technique with acetate - well here it is.

its a flat MDF board and cogs from Roberto ( - I am not going to prattle on
if you want to know anything drop me an email (see in the right hand side bar).

But see the acetate main picture -
That was done as follows:-

I HATE stamping onto acetate plus it slips and I do like BIG stamps - well this is BIG but its not a stamp.  So - get an image with lots of WHITE space.  Set your printer to black and white, and the lowest level of ink (draft).      Now, go buy those cheap laminating pouches (99p shop) - open one up and cut it into two sheets (one of them is a little frosty).  Cut it down slightly smaller so it will
sit inside a complete pouch - this is the sheet we will work on.  The single laminating pouch
cut in half and slightly smaller - got that?

Put a tiny bit of double sided tape onto the very bottom edge of the sheet and then stick it
onto an A4 sheet of paper - we do this so it will run through the printer without catching.

We are going to photocopy (cos 99% of the printers now are also photocopiers aren't they)
our image onto the laminating sheet - it will be very wet when it comes through so
be careful and let it dry naturally.   If the ink blurs - you have too much
ink going through the printer so make sure its on its draft setting. (my printer is a Kodak).

Once its dry I fix it by spraying it with cheapo hair spray - just enough to fix it.

Remove it from the A4 paper, and then pop it inside a laminating pouch and laminate it.

Now this means you have a real strong image - you can do the Caught in Crystal (which I have
done with this one) mess about with it as you wish - the list is endless.  And its just a
nice photocopied image as well not an expensive stamp.

See how this is strong enough for me to tack it onto the mdf board - it is standing proud because
I broke up an old bracelet and threaded the beads onto the tack before I hammered it into the MDF.

Hope you feel inspired! 


Von said...

Wonderful Cathryn :)
Von ♥

Buttons said...

Thanks for sharing this clever idea Cathryn. You've used it beautifully with that caught in crystal backing, and I adore the way you have given the central panel 'feet' with the bracelet pieces. So much inspiration. Love it. Hugs, Jenny x
(waved as we passed Pinxton - twice - yesterday!!)

Neet said...

Very clever Cathryn - must try this myself. Love the idea of the beads on the tack.
Hugs, Neet xx