Monday, 3 June 2013

Howdy Doody!

Howdy Doody and how are you all?    The big scareball has been on show all weekend and its been glorious - finished painting the fence (at last) all the paint should hold it together for another 20 years,
the fabulous Cedar Red has sloshed all over everywhere - yep I was getting massively fed up by panel 567 and I just felt like picking up the can and throwing it all over the fence.

The banana has chosen this weekend to have a "bad back!" - to be fair he has been doing a grand "Lady of the Camelias" lots of wincing and groaning - and the language!  Oh goodness me its been most colourful.

So - this month I was informed that I would be DecoArt featured artist - but they are a bit slow updating the site I think - so I need to keep checking it out and will blog when its up.  I had to answer loads of questions about myself - maybe they didnt like them!

Here is something that I did for part of the featured artist and its called Lavinia and Lace
This is very simple to do - but effective.    I took a plain picture frame and watered down some Americana Acrylic in White and painted it to give a pickled wood effect.

Then I cut down a paper doily to fit around the frame, then when it was in position painted over a good layer of this -

I LOVE THIS STUFF!   You can do loads with this.   Once it was dry I free painted some roses and leaves

Then rummaged round in my broken jewellery box for some pearls and diamantes and glued them on -  I reckon this is "vintage" (or vintarge if you are posh) - so am going to enter it into Artful Times challenge.

See the picture in the frame ......... I havent a clue who it is!

I can't remember if I told you this - and putting that picture frame up has reminded me.   We were out walking the other week - no roads, nothing - look this way nothing - look that way nothing .....get the picture......... this man popped out this hedge (this is true) - quite respectably dressed and everything.
And he said "excuse me, am I anywhere near Ikea?"!!!!!!     BUT I said......"well actually if you cross
that field there you are not far".     Diane said "Is that right?" and I said "I dont know I just wanted rid of him!"   

We were rolling with laughter - and now we say "I wonder where that bloke is and if he ever found Ikea" - I think he is still walking.

Bye and thanks for looking!


Buttons said...

Love the effect you have created here - definitely vintage. The painted roses are a joy to behold and probably more satisfying to than that fence!
You've got me wondering what happened to that man too - is he still wandering around the fields of Nottinghamshire in search of meatballs?!
Hugs, Jenny x

Neet said...

This is fabulous and those roses - well, they are wonderful. Cathryn you have such talent.
Bit disturbing the tale of the man - glad you weren't on your own. Still it made me smile and picture the scene.
Hugs and thanks for sharing such a beautify with us at Artful Times., Neet xx

Von said...

Oh Cathryn aren't you clever those painted roses are awesome !
Von ♥

ionabunny said...

Very amusing post. The art is good too. Off to read a bit more.....

Wandering Star said...

This is so beautiful Cathryn.
I want to do one. Put it on your list. love Ceebee

sheila 77 said...

Love your vintage frame - it doesn't look simple at all!
What a funny (and strange) story about the man looking for Ikea.