Friday, 28 June 2013

Flat Susan


Neet tells me that Flat Susan has her own blog - a star is born!   Nip over and take a look

Heads up as well - if you live anywhere near ALFRETON then go take a look on the market
as one of the stalls there is selling up the contents of a craft room and the bargains are out
of this world!   Totally unbelievable - she is open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday,
so go visit!

Also - Rob tells me he is putting on some more workshops - FANTASTIC visiting crafters
so keep visiting his site ( as places will book up quickly. 


Ali- craft said...

Hi Cathryn

just been for a visit to the MDF man, had a little peep at all your project, wanted to let you know that i think they are all absolutely fabby, look forward to seeing lots more

hugs ali

Valerie-Jael said...

This makes me envious that I don't live near enough to pop over there! Valerie