Friday, 14 June 2013

Clock of the long dark night

Well I have been sitting on a number of projects since the beginning of the year more or less, cos
they were for this

So now I can begin to show you some pictures -  this one is called -

The clock of the long dark night brings no relief to the tortured soul

I think I must have been a bit depressed when I did this cos the title is enough to make you slit
your throat! (laughing!)

This is an MDF book box from Robs and they can be uninspiring - so for this one I decided to make
it into a coffee table clock.  

First of all I made a nice hole in the top of the box to take the clock workings - then painted it
black.   Then textured it through a mask - both the front, inside the lid and the spine of the "book".

The sides were painted Antique White and then using 1:1 Glazing Medium and Raw Sienna
the pages were put on using a fan brush.

The glazing medium shifts the paint and makes it slightly transparent to give that dirty edge well
thumbed look.

The cogs were faux rusted and then the inside I built it up to look as though it had been hollowed out.

Its supposed to look like a book full of dreadful secrets and stuff like that - so the torn scrapbook
pages help - to be fair there is tons of work in this and if you look closely you will see crackle
glaze, mica powders, metal lustre, mona lisa powders, floating shadows and highlights,
calligraphy - the whole kit and whatsit!


Buttons said...

Extraordinarily clever Cathryn. Just adore those cogs inside and the faux pages. Hugs, Jenny x

Heidi said...

I've seen this in person and its amazing :-)