Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Artful Times Challenge - Blooming Marvellous

Hello everyone!

I wanted to get back into the challenges a bit - and felt inspired by the Artful Times Blooming Marvellous Challenge to get out my paintbrushes.

I fancied doing a nice Lilac - but with a bit of a twist.   

So I inked up a little canvas, then stamped some white tissue paper with Stazon in Ultramarine.  When the canvas was dry I used JW White Lightening to adhere it to the canvas.  Now White Lightening is a great art product and I used that rather than my fabbo Multi Purpose Sealer because
I wanted to "knock back" the inked canvas a little bit, and White Lightening will do that.  You can use White Gesso as well, but I wanted a lighter feel to this and the Gesso can sometimes be rather heavy and a little more opaque.

Once that was all dried off I painted the design in freehand, just blocked it all it to see where I was.  Then added Decoart Traditions Texture Paste which dries clear, to both the Lilac flower and the leaves.   I put it on quite liberally on the flower, but painted it onto the leaves.

Then I used the following - Decoart Americana Acrylics in Wild Orchid, Lilac, Titanium Snow White, Forest Green, Shale Green and Dioxine Purple + some Glazing Medium, to paint the whole
design in properly.

In my defence it was done quite quickly and I would have liked to have spent a little more time on it -
but I am working on a bit of a new venture which is taking a fair bit of time.

After that I glued on the edging and the little butterfly.

Thankyou for looking - and go over and take a look at the Artful Times blog cos its such a lovely place to visit!


Rosie Schirrmeister said...

Wow, this is gorgeous, love every detail on your beautiful canvas

Valerie-Jael said...

This is totally gorgeous, what a beautiful piece! LOVE it! Valerie

Suze Bain said...

Wow, you painted this! You are one talented lady. It's beautiful. Xx

sheila 77 said...

This is absolutely beautiful, at first I thought it was a photograph, then enlarged it and was amazed at the detailed painting. The butterfly is the perfect finishing touch and I do like the background very much. I also enjoyed reading about your process as I think that very much enhances my enjoyment of the finished piece.

Buttons said...

Oh just fabulous Cathryn. It's great to see you painting again here on your blog. Love that lifelike lilac. Hugs, Jenny x

Dorrie said...

Wow such a beautiful painting, thank you for sharing some of your tips.

lena-dailyscrap said...

Wow, this is sooo perfect! Wish I could paint like that!

Neet said...

I am so glad that you have showcased your talent with a paintbrush. I just love your own artwork and this is truly magnificent Cathryn. You should paint more and I hope we get to see some of those SB girls I like so much in the future.

Hugs, Neet xxxx

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Just wonderful.

Von said...

Just beautiful Cathryn :)and lilacs are one of my favourite flowers :)
Thank you for joining us at Artful Times
Von ♥

Cathy Michels said...

Beautiful painting - and so much detail! I love lilacs, even had them in my wedding bouquet. You've definitely done them justice with your painting.

Redanne said...

Oh my goodness Cathryn, your painting is absolutely stunning, you have brought that lilac to life and the butterfly is just gorgeous. Wow! Hugs, Anne x

Anonymous said...

I am totally in awe woman of your skills this is just breath taking, no I really mean it. I was flabbergasted when I saw this. Haven't got a clue about half of the stuff you used but the result is stunning !


Anonymous said...

forgot to ask whats the new venture then !!!