Sunday, 7 April 2013

MDF Pocket Watch....

Well to be fair you would need a big pocket cos this is huge!    This is a new design from and its brilliant as the large round clock faces sit nice and proud on the top of it.

He does them in different sizes - but I worked with the largest one and its about 21" from top to
bottom.   The clock is the one that measures 12".

I did a faux Nacre ( Mother of Pearl) - I do mine slightly differently to the cling film method - I
base coat the surface with DecoArt Acrylic Titanium Snow White and then using a variety of
irridescent colours gently sweep and blend over the surface - quite randomly.   The numbers are just
blocked in with DecoArt Lamp Black, then the middle part is a mask which I stencilled over using
a bronze metallic paint.  I floated highlights and shadows to give it more depth and then went back
over it with a fine black marker.

The crackle effect is an Indigo Blu stamp using a brown ink, the watch was painted in DecoArt
Pewter Metallic and then I texure pasted the words - I coloured the texture paste with Mona Lisa
Powders before applying.    The cogs are from Rob (mdfman) and they have been faux rusted and
whathaveyou as well.

Also in there are some proper clock parts and some cut out from a cog die which is from Once Upon a Stamp (their own I understand).

It may be on display at Ally Pally next week - it depends on what Rob thinks to it.  So keep a look out for it!

And so - the sun is shining at long last!

 The snow has gone - to reveal a garden in dire need of attention.  We seem to acquire a lot of "stuff" - the banana likes to be surrounded by all his "stuff" these are his and his alone.

 You know how it is, outside some wood is always knocking around, wire is a real favourite, inside it's all sorts - bits of paper with something on it - whatever - so YOU think "I will tidy up throw that away" - BUT to HIM it is an item of vital importance, so much so that HE was KEEPING it.  The moment you throw it away I can guarantee in he wanders "have you seen......." no matter how much you justify it - its no good - you touched his STUFF!
You lit the touchpaper!!

Do you have that?      Can your banana open, read and then perform the impossible of re-assembling
the newspaper?

 Its that "man thing" again donchathink?

Enjoy the nice weather - thanks for visiting!


Buttons said...

This is fantastic Cathryn. I really love the cogs in the centre and your MOP finish. Hope it is on display next weekend.
Oh and yes, Banana is not the only one to keep 'stuff' - I enter the garage at my peril and dread to think what is in there. Plus there's a many cupboard too! Hope you are keeping well. Hugs, Jenny x

Anonymous said...

Hey up Kathryn. Hope all is well. Fantastic project. I have a hoarder as well but I pinch most of it for crafting so I am happy! he he! Sorry for lack of visits of late.
Sending hugs,
Florence xx

Suze Bain said...

A fabulous clock Cathryn, I love your faux knackered technique! Every room in my house is filled with 'little piles of stuff' - drives me insane! Xx

Linda said...

Hi Cathryn,
I just want to say, I saw this in the flesh on Saturday at Ally Pally. Wow!!! It's absolutely stunning. I had to buy the MDF pieces to give this project a go myself. Only I don't know when I'll have the time! Thank you so much for sharing.
I hope you don't mind but I've mentioned it in a post on my blog, and added link back to your original post.
Linda xx

Redanne said...

Hi Cathryn, I came over from Linda's blog to see your clock - it is fabulous! I won't mention the hoarder in our house..... Anne x