Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Bezel Pendants collaged!

Hello everyone - thank you for visiting me!   I have a little project for you which is fun
achievable and looks fab!

Bezel Pendants which have been collaged - Bezels are increasing in popularity along with the
die to cut out the inserts.   But then you have to purchase the jump rings, chains etc and it
all mounts up - one of the most generous bloggers around Neet over at Hickydorums
featured this trend on her posts from CHA.

So here is my take on Bezel Pendants -

First of all go around the cheap shops/sales/charity shops to look for pendants - try for
those with a very large centre stone and a lip of metal (which they will all have).   This
way you need not purchase any further chains, jump rings etc. they are all complete.

The green stone is the "before" and the collaged the "after".     Working from the back of
the pendant I covered it with some cloth and a couple of hammer blows knocked out the
stone perfectly, leaving me with a nice clean bezel to work with.

Next thing was to use the stone as a template and cut out some acetate to lay at the back
of the pendant.  Then I cut out my various papers for collaging and stamping.

It is VITAL that you seal these papers before and after they go into the bezel - this stops the
resin seaping into and between the papers and causing them to buckle and soak through.

I used DecoArt "Multi Purpose Sealer" - because it is both a sealer and a glue, dries clear and
it does the job brilliantly.

Be very thorough with the sealer, using it over all the papers front and back and then when
they are dry, use the sealer to stick them all together and add a final coat when you put the
collaged item into the bezel ontop of the acetate.   The acetate just gives it a neater finish
at the back.    Really make sure you get the sealer into the edges where the paper meets the
edge of the bezel.    Leave it to dry.

Then mix up your Envirotex - this stuff is not in the least bit scary.   Also purchase the
pack of 20 small mixing cups because they will be massively useful.  Pour the resin
into the bezels and leave to dry.   

Ta da!!!!!!


Buttons said...

WOW!!! What a clever idea for making fantastic bespoke jewellery on a budget! Guess you could do this with brooches too as the most superb embellishments. Thank you for sharing such a clever idea, hugs Jenny x

Suze Bain said...

These are fab-bee Cathryn and you make the process sound not scary at all!! Never had a go at using resin - something else to add to my 'must try' list. Hope you're keeping well. Suze xx

Neet said...

Lovely pendants I take it you got them from PM? Thanks for walking us through the process, you are a treasure.
Hugs, Neet xx

LibraJo said...

Fabulous Cathryn - can't wait to have a go. I hope we can do them at the club. Jo