Friday, 4 January 2013

Tim Holtz 12 tags of 13 - Use it well.....


Blimey I've had a reet palavar trying to upload these pictures!  So they are a bit mixed up.....

OK - I had a look at Tim Holtz and he is doing 12 tags of 13 and some lovely techniques, his stuff is just great and it inspired me to have a "bash".  Go along and have a look at Tims blog.

I loved the phrase "use it well" - by that I am referring to time, because it just flies by - when you get older it goes faster dontchathink!   Mind you - I am getting younger - yes the scouse brow has been done!! Yeah for the scouse brow - took years off me and I now look permanently surprised!!!!

"Do I look different?"....the Banana looking very worried as he knows for his own health and safety he HAS to give the correct answer.  Panic sets in........."um - your hair looks nice"....NO....."'ve lost weight".....NO.....(starts fidgeting as he knows times is running out)..
"" (me wiggling me eyebrows)..........."oh bloody hell yeah - you've had some new glasses!".   (I give up cos I've had these for 2 years!)

First of all I cut out a tag shape from card and then ran it through the Big Shot with the clock embossing folder.   Then it was inked using mainly autumn colours.

I cut out from the same type of card the Big Clock die and inked it before cutting it in half.  Then I stuck it onto some inked paper torn from a book and cut round the edges.   It was then glued onto the front of the tag, with a ruler taken from the salvage stickers book tucked along its length.  This breaks up the tag somewhat.
To get rid of the straight edges of the clock die, I painted some chipboard cogs and glued them on, and over the top of them I glued on some real cogs and bits taken from an old clock which I took apart (I have used loads of the parts from this clock - you can see them on the altered mousetrap in an earlier post).

The words are taken from Chit Chat - one of the Tim Holtz collage products - these really are well worth purchasing as you can do so much with them.
The clock hands have been inked and attached using a brad - they are from the large clock die.
The microscope slide and the square embellishment were both done on a Meltpot training course with Annaliese Bates of Creative Journey Workshops.

Isnt that tap head fantastic - this is taken from a Wendy Vecchi stamp set, and I have covered it in the crackle accents.  The Halloween stamp set was used to stamp the verbiage on the ribbon which you can just see on the first picture.

Here is more or less everything I used - you can see the chit chat and the salvage sticker book on the right hand side - go out and buy them cos you WILL use them!  

Now the Hatters are doing a Mad Hatters Invite as their challenge - so I fancy doing that now. Artful times have just put their new challenge up as well - Embossing!  Oooo lovely!   Pop along to both the sites and take part cos I know I am - click on the links on the right hand side of my blog.



Buttons said...

Chuckling loudly here:) First, loving your use of 'reet' (when I first moved up to South Normanton I had to learn a whole new dialect - and then unlearn it when we moved away as no one could understand me!!!) Then the predicament faced by Banana. My OH knows that one only to well. Now he just says 'You look lovely' without even glancing in my direction!
Now to the main reason for your post - that tag is SO good and I've had to scroll up and down loads to take in all the detail. Plus I love your colour choices. All in all a real winner here. Hugs, Jenny x

Karen said...

hahahahaha!!!!! Love your banana story! My banana just tells me I look lovely too, just like Jenny!!! Do you think their Dads teach them to say that??? hahahaha!!!!

Your tag is just outstanding my lovely, so much detail & work involved x

Christy - said...

Being from the States I really enjoyed reading your post. I'm not sure I got all of it but it was a hoot. Your tag is fabulous and I love all the "real" embellishments you used like the ruler and the clock parts. Very creative. Thanks for sharing.

Ansku said...

Hi! I love this!! Thank you for visiting on my blog :)

Winnie said...

love your tag, love all the details on it and the colors are soooooooo delightful, thank you for visiting my blog and thanks for the comment on my tag.

Hugs Winnie

BJ said...

Super tag, love how you have put book paper behind the clock die - fantastic. Thanks for visiting my Timmy tag - Happy New Year BJ

Anonymous said...

Your tag is so interesting to look at -- the book paper backing the clock die cut is cool. ~ Laura

Cynthia said...

I don't think I'm allowed to say such things...but I think your tag looks better than Tim's! Shhhh! Don't tell anyone! ;-) I really REALLY love all your embellishments--the clocks and the cogs. That's one fabulous tag!!

LindaSS said...

This is just so cool.. love everything on that tag.. thx so much for the fab inspiration

Anonymous said...

Yes twas I !!!!!!! I am defo the guilty party.... so sorry for passing the dreaded lurgy pn it felt mean to keep it to myself ! Both hubby and i have had it for so long and just when we think we are getting over it it starts up again the bugger !! Fabulous tag and I think it's better than you know who's too !!! Hope I dont get tarred and feathered for saying that ! I did a fair bit of gasping myself and a bit of chuckling too ....scouse brow never heard of that and I'm a scouser !!! Have a wonderful year and wishing you and your mum a quick recovery

Marie x

TAM said...

Brilliant tag - loving it all.

Neet said...

Absolutely gorgeous Cathryn. What a fantastic piece of artwork you have created - yet again! You really do make some stunning pieces and it is always a pleasure to visit your blog to see what you have done.

Hugs and thanks for sharing your creativity.

Hugs,Neet xxx