Thursday, 31 January 2013

Somewhat remiss.....

in my blogging of late!  But in my defence, I have been crafting - although I was so cheesed off because I did this wonderful work for Artful Times blog and I didnt read it properly - it said an ATC - and I had done a Wendy Vecchi pocket watch collage. I popped into Once Upon a Stamp shop at Pleasley - because I was knocking around that area (as you do!)........and took a look at the new cutting machine.  OH BLIMEY - I really really REALLY like the look of it - its a nice smart size, folds up not unlike the Joy Trouville machine, but (to me) it feels much more sturdier.    It takes all the dies but it goes right up to A4 size
- you know how sometimes the Big Shot etc. especially when embossing, you want a larger area of embossed card - its just that bit too small dontchafind?  So larger dies and embossing folders are coming in.

You only need the 2 plates and shim (I think the shim) - as the depth of the "cut" is controlled manually - YOU set the depth of the rollers.  Looking at it, it is blindingly obvious and you do think "why hasnt this been done before?".

How I look at it is - I can use all my dies that I already have but it gives me an awful lot more versatility.   Next week Roof and I are going back and we want to see it again and I am pretty certain
that I am placing an order. 

Go and have a look at Once Upon a Stamps blog and read all about it.

So here is what I have been working on .....I have been using MDFMans little trays - and they can be used as "Trays for my pretty things" on a dressing table or something, or stick a picture in them and stand them up or on the wall.

this is one of the small canvas collages that I did and its been framed .....

Now for a bit of news - I have been invited to submit some mixed media artwork to a very large company in America - I hate being pressured but I think I am going to do this as I have an idea
going round in my head.

If I go awol for a while - you know the reason why!  But do keep visiting, especially next week when we see that machine in action!

Also you must be wondering what has happened to the Banana?   Well the Banana is very well at the moment - although I have encouraged him to go a see Les Miserables cos he will definately enjoy that (being in like company and all!) - I mean I LIVE the bloody thing so I dont think I will pay to go a watch it!  Come and sit in my front room and you can watch it for free - especially as its Tax Return time - blimey he is calling them everything from a Rat to a Dog!   Got to love 'em though eh!


Wandering Star said...

Cathryn your work is so beautiful. Love it love it. Pleased to hear your news but please don't move to the U.S. of A.One because we love you and two because i want to finish this new project we are working on.LoL
CeeBee xx

Buttons said...

Oh I do love your descriptions of home life! At least I'm not the only one:) LOVE your trays and collage work. No wonder you've been asked to submit some work. I'm sure you'll nail it and can't wait to hear more when you are allowed to let the cat out of the bag. Hope it all goes accordingly to plan. Have a great weekend, hugs Jenny x

Suze Bain said...

Hi Cathryn, well, where do I start! Gorgeous framed canvas and beautiful altered trays. As for the new fan dangled cutting machine, sounds to me like it's already in your shopping trolley! As for your news in the work front - woo hoo!!! You go girl! ( that's my American impersonation!). Take care, xx

Neet said...

Congratulations on being asked to submit some work to America. I knew you were in that league - your work is amazing.
Look forward to hearing all about it and seeing some of your work out there across the Pond.

Hugs and congrats again
Neet xxx