Friday, 11 January 2013

Artful Times Challenge - Embossing

Over at Artful Times Challenge blog we have been challenged to "get those embossing folders out" - I think we have to use 2 different embossing folders.

So here is my tag.....

I have gone for the collage theme again - cos I do like doing that and I LOVE working with that old bag of jewellery and the fun thing is you can (and should) stick anything onto collage because it will work.  Balance it properly and you cannot go wrong.  If you look closely you will see the backs of earrings and an old bolt washer on this tag.

So, I used 2 embossing folders (which are given at the end).   I cut out my card in the tag shape, and then embossed it, also ran through a second bit of card with the same embossing folder as the folder has the words Carte Postal on it and I didnt want those to appear on the main tag.  So I positioned the tag away from those words.

I ran through another bit of card with the different embossing folder (Print Blocks).

Then sprayed them all with inks and left overnight - I was quite liberal with the ink as I wanted it to bleed and really show off.   I also inked a scrap of lace and some paper flowers (those tiny ones that you buy in bunches)

The next thing was to gently highlight the embossed parts using a cosmetic sponge and a very dark brown ink.  This makes it begin to pop.

The words "Carte Postal" were stuck down one side and then I cut out the letter Paris and butted them right up against the Carte Postal word - this means the tag is moving outside from its straight lines, which is what I wanted.  I really liked the fact that the letters were all different sizes.

Then all the bits of jewellery and flowers were glued on to (once again) move the eye away from the
straight lines of the edge of the verbiage card.  It needed to be softened to encourage the eye to roam around.

To add further interest 2 other letters (X and Q) were cut and then some stickers added - this means the opposite side of the tag has its edges blurred.  Its then softened ever further by adding the lace which is stuck underneath the card.

You can see what I have used it the picture above - obviously not everything is there, such as the glues, stickles, jewellery bits - but the core components are.
Sizzix Embossing Folder - Clock parts and Print Blocks (I used Print blocks)
Sizzix (TH Alterations)  - Distressed frame and Postal Set (I used Postal Set)
TH Ideology Salvage Stickers Crowded Attic and Lost and Found
The inks are Michelle Marsden and I have them yonks......

The Salvage Stickers are one of the best buys ever and I wouldnt hesitate to buy the new ones when they come out - they are brilliant to use in all your crafts.

Now this stuff is the HOLY GRAIL of stuff!  You know when you have a really intricate die and its a total swine to get the card off properly - well use this cos it cuts it like butter.  You put this between the die and the card stock and it falls off the die - it is fabulous! 

So thats about it from me - have you been looking at the CHA Sneek Peeks - take a look at JULIE NUTTINGS couture stamps.  OMG they are divine - I LOVE JULIE NUTTING her book is the best and her work is fantastic - I am so having those stamps and I know Miz Roof will cos she loves her as well.  Go and visit Julies blog now.

Bye everyone and thanks for looking!


Silvia(Barnie) said...

Wow, your tag is amazing, great details and colors.

Von said...

Excellent tag Cathrine :) Love the way you have used the second folder to collage on to the tag :)
Thankyou for sharing withus at Artful Times
Von ♥

Buttons said...

Mmmmm. My favourite combo of colours (don't use it often enough - that'll have to change now! The way you have used your embossing folders is ingeniuous and as for your collage work... you say it's just a question of balance and you're right. It takes skill and an artistic eye to make it work - that would be why you have done it so beautifully. If you fancy having a look at how embossing folders can be used in a different way I've got something to show everyone tomorrow - might be worth a look? Hugs, Jenny x

Faye said...

what a wonderful tag! I love all the goodies on it, earrings and other textural treasures. Love the embossing.

Suze Bain said...

I love this tag Cathryn. First, the colours are so yummy, then all the beautiful embellishments and the offset letters just make it "work" so perfectly. Thanks for the tip on using the dark ink on the embossing. A gorgeous tag! xx

Julia S-W said...

Your tag is beautiful Cathryn. I love the colours you've used. The folders work a treat and wish I could get my hands on a bag of jewellery like yours - just love how you've added the pieces!

Sandra's Spot said...

Gorgeous tag Kathryn there is so much to look at and those colours are yummy, wonderful.
Hugs Sandra X

WendyK said...

A fabulous tag in my favourite colours. Great use of the embossing folders as well.

Neet said...

What fantastic colours you have used. Love these together.
Gorgeous tag - you have excelled again Cathryn. Thanks for walking us through its making.
Hugs, Neet (and thanks for joining us at Artful Times) x

lena-dailyscrap said...

Lovely tags. Beautiful details and the colors are perfect!