Sunday, 30 December 2012

Back from Patagonia.....

So I am back from my Pan Pipe course in Patagonia - and I can now wear one of those hats with the long plaited bit hanging down.  Plus I can play relaxing soothing music on my pipes.

In reality I have been really REALLY REALLY poorly - as has poor Mum.   Hence the long delay between blog posts - Christmas just came and went for us this year I am afraid.  Still we are both feeling so much better - the banana hasnt been poorly at all (touch wood).  His constitution is well fortified from all the yeast he ingests (as in "going for a pint")

These last few days I have been doing some artwork - La Diva gave me this huge bag of old broken jewellery and its so wonderful to use.  Plus I have been using my rockablocks for stamping - and yes, I love them!

 I have used inks, texture paste, stamping, treasure gold, bits and bobs, staples - everything!
 Also some gold leaf and stuff - have been using that Flitter stuff by Indigo Blu - at first I was like - "dont like it" cos I always use size.   But perservering and now I really like it.
Love the Tim Holtz salvage stickers and chit chat pads - they are brilliant for collage of any type.

Thank you for looking and before I go - please forgive me for not sending Christmas Cards, everything just went by the wayside as I took to my bed on 12th December - so it gives you an idea of how long I have been badly.   But - from my heart - I wish you all a HAPPY, HEALTHY and PEACEFUL New Year.

With love


Wandering Star said...

Lovely Art work. So sorry you've been poorly. But you won't put any weight on. !!! I am full to the brim with chocolate.

Buttons said...

So sorry to hear you and your mum have been so poorly. Here's hoping you are well on the road to recovery now. Yep, you're right, the odd pint or 10 seems to pickle the insides and makes them impervious to anything!! Hope you have a much better year of it in 2013. Happy New Year Cathryn. Hugs, Jenny x

Neet said...

Oh Catherine, so sorry to hear about the illness - and your poor mum too. Do hope that you both are well on the mend now and apologies for my tardiness at visiting and all that. Not a clue what has been wrong with me - just lethargy which I hope to put right straight away.
Love what you have done - gorgeous artwork as always - you need more recognition than you get as you truly do some beautiful things.
Best wishes to you (your mum and banana) for a wonderful year full of health happiness and crafting (not the banana for crafting unless he is good at it and promises not to spill a drop of the 'liquid gold' as he partakes)
Neet xx

Anonymous said...

OMG !!!!! Amazing work, Cathryn these are stunning and I agree with Neet you are such a talented artist you should sell these beauties they are fabulous ! The beautiful button box that you sent me has pride of place above my craft desk and it is the first thing I see when I enter my studio , it usually plonks me on the head a couple of times a week as it is a little top heavy and wobbles over so it is a constant reminder of you lol !!!! Even though I have tried sticking her down she still wants to bash me on the head did you give her this mission ??? Anways I hope as you read this the mange is abating and your mum are in a better place ( Patagonia ? )