Tuesday, 9 October 2012

More work on the clock

Hello!  Did you think I had forgotten you?  No chance - just doing some work on the clock - so are you ready for the next part.......

Cover your cogs - I am using 3 x 15cm (1 of which has the back bit cut out to hold the clock part), 2 x 11.5cm and 2 x 8cm.   Just use PVA glue and scrapbook paper and then after about a couple of hours or so just trim down the length of each cog bit with a pair of scissors, fold back the leftover and pull it off.  Really simple.  Then ink around the edges.

 Also in the picture above is GOLDEN GEL MEDIUM Regular Gel (Matte) - now this stuff is a real staple for me - it can be a glue (and its a really strong one!), texture paste, transfer medium - whatever.   Its quite thick and comes out the tub white but will dry slightly waxy in colour - I purchase mine online from Granthams (www.artdiscount.co.uk).   Just want to point out that I am in NO WAY affiliated with anyone - but its such a pain when you think "where can I get that from" - so thats why I have put some addys down.

Now this is still drying - but what I did was mix up some of those tiny mico bead things that spill everywhere with a dollop of the Golden Gel Medium.   Then with a spatula I spread it into the engraved bits of the clock - if you dont have any beads try glitter, mica powders etc.  the gel will hold anything.    Every now and again go over it with a damp washing up sponge - the flat base of the sponge will keep everything inside the engraved bits but remove excess from the surrounding areas.

The beads tinted the gel slightly - to a very soft pink, which was a bonus.

Once it had dried I have added a layer of Crystal Lacquer which has been knocking around for ages -
I just wanted that bit of shine to it.

So thats where I am so far - its totally falling together this clock is...and its really enjoyable.

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Buttons said...

Loving the papered cogs and you must have the patience of a saint to get everything so precisely onto the raised areas - I'd be faffing for hours! Looking forward to the next instalment. Hugs, Buttons x