Thursday, 4 October 2012

If you are going to Harrogate Paper Show....

then be sure to go visit the Robster - (it is perfectly safe to visit now!).  He is standing at Harrogate and the samples will be on display along with a massive banner to advertise the blog!

So..........if you go be sure to look for his new CLOCK FACES and COGS - Oh my life they are FANTASTIC!!!

When I go quiet (posting and challenge wise) it means I am working on something - and I am now working on these clocks and thought you may like to work along with me......

One will be pretty pretty and one will be mega strange.  So I am going to be posting step by step as it comes together - starting with the pretty pretty.

I dont know how Robster is selling these - as a pack or individually - so go for what takes your fancy - but for this one there will be cogs.  In fact BUY THE COGS, WHEELS the whole lot cos you will use them me!

First thing - put a coat of Gesso over the MDF.   For this I use the White Gesso from The Works - you get this huge pot for £4.99 and you can use it for lots of things in crafting.

 When it dries then paint it a buttermilk/creamy colour.  I use Acrylics - again you can get them from The Works or anywhere.  If you are struggling then use an emulsion Matchpot.

Then gather together your ink pads - I want soft colours - so they are autumn shades.  Now you can see I have used the distressing tool with the felt pads - the MDF shreds the felt so use those cheap foam cosmetic wedges.  I have to admit they are my favourite and I dont throw away any used ones either cos sometimes the residue gives that softness that you are after.
 Here is the clock inked up - looks like a wonderful soft sky doesnt it!   Because we will be messing about with various bits and bobs on the top, as well as gluing stuff onto it, then the ink needs to be sealed with something.  You can use a fixative spray (again these a very useful but expensive) - for this I am using cheapo hairspray - cos thats just lacquer anyway.  So spray it all over the clock.
 Next thing......choose your design.  I am using this Graphic 45 A Ladies Diary - so get cutting!!

Before my next post you need to be looking for bits and bobs you want to stick on - hunt around for broken jewellery, clock parts, chipboard cogs etc.  

I feel totally knackered today - we returned to walking, the first time since my operation.  We did 8 miles, 7 of which were uphill!  Oh my life - one field was on a hill full of cows - along with the cows shitting themselves so was I.    Diane had to literally push me up - you see both our rucksacks are pink, Diane dresses in black and white ........from the back......the cow may make the wrong decision!!

We also crossed a field full of sheep - now this did cause some mirth as seemingly according to Big D - a sheeps ladycanoe is the nearest thing to a humans ladycanoe.  Well looking at theirs mine dont look anything like that and its a hell of a lot cleaner to boot!

Oh the view from the top of Beeley Moor was fantastic - and Chatsworth was golden in the sun (cos its been painted part gold).  We walked through Edensor and it was like Switzerland - the houses were so pretty and then through the hamlet of Calton Lees - only about 3 or 4 houses.  It was good to be back.


Buttons said...

Can't wait to see where you go next with this clock. Looking good already and some useful tips to boot! I have that gesso and frequently use matchpots so right there with you on that one:)
You don't make life easy for yourself eh? That's some hike (although as you say worth it for the views). I will never look at sheep in quite the same way now though! Hugs, Buttons x

Suze Bain said...

Don't mention cows or sheep to me - horrible memories!! Your clock is intriguing, looking forward to your collaging tutorial! xx

Neet said...

Cannot believe I did not read this before. I never connected this with you and your work.

I was blown away with the stuff on this stand. Was some of it done by you?

Tell him the female who came at the end of Saturday and who he asked where she came from (Rossendale was the answer) was ME.

I bought a clock and knew nothing of your post. Now who is the Robster - I need to know more about how you know him etc etc.

Neet xx