Sunday, 9 September 2012

Heart Breakers my entry to the challenge blogs.


So I have been working hard doing stuff for the Artful Times Challenge Blog and also Out of the Hat Creations challenge blog - Artful times is fortnightly and Out of the hat is weekly.   By the time I have thought about what I will do for the hatters one, the week has flown by and its changed!

This one is for both of them

Artful Times challenge is "Inchies"  and I have been wanting to do something using the Faux Microscope Slides that I do cos I really like doing them and Out of the Hat challenge is "recycled packaging"
so I thought I would combine both.

I love TOVA (Darlink) - so does Auntie Jill and Our Joanne - we are huge Tova fans.   Have you smelt her stuff - its beautiful.  Many times people have asked what perfume I am wearing - more often than not I think have I trod in something!!!  Cos we would say "is that Canal number 3 you are
wearing" when you have to check bottom of your shoe or going past a slurry etc.  Not used to compliments! (laughing!)

Anyway - its usually Tova cos its so nice - so I had some packaging from the body stuff and its a beautiful blue colour - this is my recycled packaging.   I ran this through my Big Shot cutting out  different size heart shapes .....

I used a square 6"x6" mdf from the Robster - these are great to work with as you can do anything with these.   This is the finished work...............

Oh its so weird that I love it

Here is a nice close up - I painted the surface black and then prepared a number of faux microscope slides and also rummaged round and found some inchies that Rob had cut for me ages ago.  I used the same slide technique but used only the areas that interested me.  You can see on this next picture how I just used the face from the slide size one for the inchies.  BTW - making these slides is a great way of using up all the oddments of papers and stuff.
The blue hearts were stamped and inked to add interest - I used a variety of colours to give them an aged look.   Then arranged and layered them up - to give a real feel of depth.  By making the edges of the hearts much darker when distressing them, you give them more focus in the finished work.

Also stuck on are lots of bits and bobs to move away from the straight edges. If you go back to the previous picture you can see an old fashioned curtain hook.

The curly iron work at the top is pulled from an old junk find - I think it was a metal picture for 25p and the handle at the bottom which I use loads of times in my work, well that is a job lot they are selling off near me at 3 for 50p  - BARGAIN!!!!

The crucifixes are not to everyones taste - but I dont care because they are to mine!  (Tell it like it is whydontcha!)

Bye - and am off now blog hopping!


chrissies said...

This is just amazing Cathryn and the blue packaging lifts the whole piece for me. So pleased you found time to fit in Out of the Hat Creations this week. Just love seeing what you make.

Best wishes Chrissie xxxx

Buttons said...

So much to take in with this one Cathryn and it is so different from everything else being produced. I love it to bits. Never tried faux micro slides - that is clearly gonna have to change. Bet this project smells gorgeous too! Good luck with the challenges. Hugs, Buttons x

Sandra's Spot said...

Hi Cathryn, This is just stunning you have put so much on to it and the blue packaging just perfect. I must give that a sniff next time I buy some fragrance. Thanks so much for joining us at Out of a Hat. Hugs Sandra XXX

Von said...

Oh Cathryn this is the most wonderful shrine to beautiful women and the blue colour so serene, perfect :)
Von ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathryn, It is always great having you join the Hatters. Thank you for sharing your fantastic project with us this week. So unusual, love the images, the design and the colours.
Regards Florence xx

Suze Bain said...

Yup, another stunner, love the images in the micro slides - lots of eyes to watch over you! Bet it smells good too! Fabby-tastic. xx

WendyK said...

This is fabulous, so much to see, and beautifully done. Love the colours as well.

Janet said...

Hi Cathryn
Your project is stunning,I keep going back for another look,thanks for joining us at Out of a Hat,it's great to see you back
Janet x

Neet said...

I don't know where to begin with this Cathryn. Love how you have incorporated the two challenges and produced this. Although I do love the inchies (and should be commenting on them because it is our challenge) I have to say the hearts caught my interest. Love what you have done with them. Those eyes!
A very involved and extremely beautiful piece of artwork - I hope you are saving all of these things for a big craft fair somewhere.
Thanks for joining us at Artful Times with your lovely inchies.
Hugs, Neet xx

craftattack said...

This is an amazing and very creative piece, love it! Valerie

vinny said...

what a really unsual and inventive piece of art, I love it x Lavinia

Julia S-W said...

Just beautiful - I'll need to come back again to take it all in!

Anonymous said...

Hi tis You ! it seems when I comment on my pad of eyes ( ipad ) that my comments do not stick and fall off blogs never to be seen again and so I end up commenting twice and thrice !i enthralled by your creativity and your your zest for life ! Another splendiferous creation from you and so much to see I even zoomed in for close ups nothing to do with my poor sight you understand.As for my craft space I made it just for you in the hope you would visit and give us lot lessons on crafty things and maybe you will bring the wild bunch with you I await your reply.