Monday, 24 September 2012

Halloween for Out of the Hat...

Am sneaking this one in quite late for Out of the Hat Creations challenge which is Halloween - I know its mainly "cut and stick" but there is quite an art to it!

 It is a card BTW!   I used Black card and then covered it with scrapbook paper befitting the theme (ooo get me!).   The images are from Jack Cat and Curio (sigh), the key die is blue I think its by marianne - I know the flower one is because I bought that specially and am really pleased with it.
the frame is another die - and the verbiage is from an old book.

I wanted to do something much more creative - but as per usual time is against me.  At the moment I am busy doing something called "Golden Hearts" for the village which involves making 100 boxes and doing 100 hearts both sides which is taking up a lot of time.

The Robster tells me his website has been hijacked so please be careful if you visit the MDFMan - I will post when he has sorted it out, its been hijacked by a mucky site.  In fact, it was so mucky I was
looking at it for quite some time before I 3 days!! ((Laughing)).   No, I thought "whats this" - and it was someones backside looking back at me - I thought it was a Baboon or something.

So....didja know that I cannot dye my hair no more ......nope got to keep away from all chemicals, and its gone proper white!   When I stand against a white wall I disappear, and have to move quite sharpish on a zebra crossing to try and keep on the black so they can see me.   I dont know if I like it or what but I dont really have much choice in the matter - I am a silver fox!

Off blog hopping now!  Bye Bye!


Janet said...

Hi Cathryn,
Love your Halloween card,the papers & embellishments are fabulous.
Thanks for joining us at Out of a Hat
Janet x

chrissies said...

Cathryn this is just terrific and you aren't late at all with it.

Thank you for joining us at Out of a Hat this week--always great to see what you have made.

Love Chrissie xx

craftattack said...

Lovely card, there really is an art to putting things together! Valerie

Sandra's Spot said...

Hi Cathryn, So glad you got time to share your brilliant Halloween card with us at Out of a Hat. Am lovin that flower. Being a silver fox is cool these days it said so on day time telly. Now off to look at that site wink wink, been bored after finishing 50 shades LOL hugs Sandra X

Wandering Star said...

We stole the gold from your hair.
We put the silver threads there.
Love CeeBee x

Suze Bain said...

I was at the hairdresser the other day and we were just discussing how we'd look if we let our grey/white grow out. I'm sure you'll look gorgeous - like the snow queen! Your card is fab, everything is beautifully placed! PS. Thanks for the warning about the baboon's bum! xx

Rosie said...

A really wonderful Halloween card

Buttons said...

Good job here Cathryn. It's great to do something different. Good luck with the boxes - man what a challenge! Oh, and didn't you know? white is the new black so you are really trendy:) Hugs, Buttons x

Von said...

Oh you do make me laugh miss silver fox always lovely to see what you make :)
Von ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathryn, I got so engrossed in your post (as always!) I have forgotten what I am doing! LOL! The "bamboons bum" incident sounds a bit scary. Hope you sort it out ok. Could you use henna on your hair. None could be an olympic torch! he he. Thank you so much for sharing with the Hatters this week with your fabulous project. We like cut and stick. So very creative.
Take care of yourself and don't over do it.
Regards Florence x

Neet said...

Lovely card and quite an art to compiling those bits and piers.
Cathryn, your posts just crack me up - keep 'e coming.
Hugs, Neet xx

Neet said...

Sorry - meant "bits and pieces" - darn this predictive text!
Hugs, Neet xx