Friday, 17 August 2012

Tissue Boxes Sceheduled post

So here is the first scheduled posts- each post will have 2 of the projects in which are the samples Roof and I have done for the Great British Craft Festival.

The blanks are available from - as both Roof and I were working for the Robster (mdfman) at the show.

BTW - this is a scheduled post and is being written 2 weeks before the show.

Our theme was "The Strange Loves of Francis Revell" - but mine have come out very "Deadwood" -
its because all the time I was doing them I was thinking about the series "Deadwood"......

 This box is covered using a selection of Graphic 45 papers (Romance or something).  I covered the top with one sheet (PVA glue) and the bottom quarter with a different pattern. 
 the word "embroideries" comes from another old bit of scrap book paper, and the distressing is Frayed Burlap (Tim Holtz).   The flowers have been cut from the scraps using a cheery lynn stacker flower die.
 the stamps were part of the scrapbook paper, but I punched them out using a stamp effect punch.
 The roses are cut from a scrapbook paper and decoupaged on - the handle was from a job lot I purchase and the tassell was from a pile that Roof chucked out but I nabbed!
 Oh this one was a little bleeder to do!   OK - I wanted to show printing on muslin - so I photocopied a Graphic 45 scrapbook paper onto muslin and then sewed wadding underneath it to give it that padded look.   One side of the paper had the writing on it, and the other these card shaped fashion plates, so I cut out two, lay them on the written side and photocopied it onto the muslin using my Kodak printer.
 the top of the box is the written side of the paper just glued on.  The wadded sides have been stitched around the card shapes and then I stapled them onto the box.  Thats why I had to glue buttons all around the edges at the top and lace down the sides and bottom - to hide the staples.
 The flowers are cut out using another Cheery Lynn Stacker flower die, and I used some tissue paper which once the flowers were assembled I stiffened with cheapo hairspray.
 I made the wire card holders by winding the wire around a pen and then gluing the other end into a flat bottomed door handle which is stuck onto the top of the box.

this gives a much better view of the sewing around the card shapes and how the wadding gives that lush padded appearance.


Buttons said...

Just loving these boxes hun. Bet the "mdf man" is gobsmacked with what you can do with his blanks - sorry! does that sound wrong? didn't mean it too!!! arrrhh, digging this hole even deeper now! Let's just leave it at 'you've created some fab projects' and be done :)) Hope the weekend goes really well. Hugs, Buttons x (climbing out of that hole now!)

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow!! Fabulous makes Misses. Hope you are ok. Nice to see you in blog land again. Have a wonderful week.
Regards Florence x