Saturday, 18 August 2012

Scheduled Posts - Boxes

So as the titles tells you - this is the second of the scheduled posts.   This one shows the boxes I had to work with - to tell the truth one box I had to spoil, I made a right mess of it.  Remember all the surfaces are from

You see - there is no point in me painting the most glorious picture on the box, the whole point is for us (that is roof and myself) to show how versatile this MDF stuff is - it must be achievable.  The majority of those people visiting shows are crafters rather than artists.

So this one was definately image led - the images were wonderful and all from Jack Cat and Curio - my most favourite of places to visit.

Also - remember I wanted a little hand sewing machine.......well I got one, for the princely sum of £10!!  It had to be a hand one because an electric one runs away with me, and all I wanted it for was messing about crafting - and its a little belter.  Then, a couple of weeks back, one of the ladies turned up at art club with a most gorgeious black singer hand sewing machine!  Its beautiful and the spool is torpedo shaped - so goodness knows how old that it! 


First I painted the box black and the edges pale gold.   The sides were covered with Graphic 45 steampunk paper using PVA glue.

 I used an A5 sheet of greyboard for the "collage" - covered it with the Graphic 45 Steampunk paper and put it to one side.  Then using the alternate side to that same paper cut out a smaller piece and then began to put together my collage.   The image is printed onto canvas - not canvas sheets, but a roll of cheapo canvas from Banana Bookshop.  You  must use Double Gesso Primed canvas otherwise the ink will simply bleed out and it looks rubbish.  I just cut the canvas to A4 size and fed it through my Kodak printer - the canvas means that the image is really stable and you can sew through it very easily.  In fact you can rivet it and allsorts.
 the rest of the bits and bobs are all sewed on with the sewing machine.  The verbiage reads "she kept the secrets under her hat" its a free font downloaded online and looks like an old typewriter.  The tape measure is just photocopied.  Then the whole lot has been sprayed with cheapo hairspray, just to give it a bit of a cover before it was sprayed with varnish.
 then the collage was stuck onto the greyboard and the greyboard tacked onto the lid. You can see the tacks in the next photo.

Now - before I actually fastened the covered greyboard down - I drew around it and then using a stencil and texture paste put the swirly effect on the lid.  Anything over the line the greyboard covered up when it was tacked on.

When the texture paste dried (it was black Jo Sonja Texture Paste) I rubbed a variety of treasure gold shades over the swirly bit.
 the covered greyboard is edged with gold thread to finish it off
 A close up of the sides.  The deep red flowers are cut from a paper artsy die using handmade paper and then after its dried they have been sprayed with hairspray.

The second box is a nice simple one - but it is really soft and pretty.   Plain box again (wavy edges) painted buttermilk.   The word BABY has been painted and then distressed round the edges. 

 The top and sides were covered with a lemony scrapbook paper, and then I drilled small holes all around the edge of the box about 1cm apart (or thereabouts).  I use a cheap hand drill from the market and its been a gem.

I threaded different coloured ribbons through the holes, and then glued the word onto the top of the box.   The crystal (plastic) door knob is glued onto the word as well along with the fluff and bells.

 Bit of lace around the edges and doorknobs for the feet - along with some images around the sides of the box.

Inside the black box is an old Hymn Book and the baby box has a hand knitted hat and  pair of bootees inside.


Buttons said...

Cathryn, your attention to detail blows me away. You have made two amazing boxes here and they should inspire anyone into having a go. Hugs, Buttons x

Anonymous said...

Regards Florence x