Sunday, 19 August 2012

Scheduled post - Money Boxes

Now I have to say I totally love these - especially these flat square money boxes - there is a second one which I will show in another post.  Loads of stuff to show you.
 This is called "Fallen Paris" - cos she fell in Paris and 34/6 is what she charges to dance (exotically!)
 OK - I painted the box black and then used Jo Sonja Black Texture paste through a stencil (mask), and let the whole lot dry.

The cigarette tin is covered with Golden Gel medium and lined with French book text, then once dry the outside was painted black, and stuck to a mini easel also painted black.

The image is printed onto double gesso canvas - single gesso means the ink bleeds out.  I bought a roll of double gesso from The Works and cut it down to A4 size to run it through my printer.

The bits and bobs (rosary) was from Chivers who bought me a massive bag of bits of broken jewellery which was superb!
 The flower is cut and stamped using a Paper Artsy Die - but its Duct Tape stuck onto a sheet of card to give a metallic appearance - and it gives you quite a leeway for shaping as well.
 The faux microscope slide I covered in an earlier post and the Robster cuts a good backing sheet to give that raised appearance.
 The feet are old beads
 The wings are from the cheap shop and are actually butterflies - the colours you can see on the raised textured bits are Treasure Gold.

This next one is called "I shot the Sherriff" -

I covered the box sides with scrapbook paper and the roof is covered with leather - just PVA glue BUT I then went back and hammered in some rivets - they went in like butter!
The tape measure bits down the sides are from Tim Holtz Collage Collection - a pad of stuff I bought for about £5 BRILLIANT!!    The images are from Jack Cat and Curio printed onto card and mounted onto leather.

OK - now the bottle tops I flattened using my No More Shims Mat which Miz Roof bought me, I put them through my bigshot.   Punched out some scrapbook paper and stuck them in the bottle tops and then lay on some clock parts and covered it all with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic.   I punched out the face of the images and did the same with them, but then remounted them back in the same position.

Phew - got loads and loads and loads more to do yet!  Better still if you see any of these at the show and want to know more - leave a comment x


Wandering Star said...

Hurrah the gals back. great news.
Wonderful work as usual
xxxx Cbee

Wandering Star said...

Hurrah, Our gals back with us.Great news and wonderful work as usual.
xxx Cbee

Joan said...

bought the box today and can't wait to get altering. loved the samples at the Harrogate Show.

Joan said...
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syy said...

I saw your lovely moneybox at a
Craft Show in Kettering today.

Loved the flower and am going to
attempt to make this.