Sunday, 19 August 2012

Scheduled Post - The Gambler

Well I couldnt resist popping this one on as well - love the Dead eye annie effect of the cut out bottle top and you can see a bit better how I have remounted it back in the same position......all explained in the previous post.

 so this one is The Gambler and I have to say it really is my very favourite -
the plain money box ( was painted black and the cigarette tin was coated with Golden Gel Medium and the French book text stuck all over it.  
 Actually I put this on before I stuck the text on the tin - it is part of a key ring and its wired onto the tin and the text stuck ontop of it.  The Golden Gel Medium is really strong stuff so it holds it in place as well
 Jack Cat and Curio image has been printed onto double gesso canvas (as previous posts) and glued into the back of the tin.  It is balancing on an old light fitment - the bulb was in the bag of bits that Chivers gave me - and the clock parts around the tin are glued on.   Now look closely at the playing cards......
 Yes.....I set fire to them - I wanted them to look worn, tatty and burnt - smokers in the Old West Gambling den type feel to them!
 The dice on the top are also the feet as well.....

more clock parts and if you go back up to the beginning you can see that I have used the original shape on the front of the money box as a stencil on the other sides and applied mica powders with a barely damp brush.

Now.....I fix everything with dirt cheap hairspray - works for me!   If you want to know more email me or leave a comment! x


Suze Bain said...

Gee whizz Cathryn, you have posted so much stuff. I've had a quick lookie but will go back and peruse each post in detail! They all look just fab - you have been very busy girlies. Love the burnt cards and the Annie Oakley bottlecap. Also love the padded hearts and garland. Hope you're doing okay. Take care. xx

mike3838 said...


Hopefully you keep up with comments on archived posts and will see this one...

I saw this box in the flesh last month at the pspercraft show in Doncaster, and I want to recreate something similar.

The lady on the stand explained how you added the cogs embossed effect to the sides of the box using a mix of pva and I think she said baking powder... Could you please confirm that recipe for me?

I've looked around online for the mask/stencil that you used for those cogs, but can't find anything similar. Please could you let me know efeew I could get the same one?



mike3838 said...