Thursday, 30 August 2012

Altered Tray for Artful Times

So - here I am and getting back to normal, so much so that I am doing some crafting and thoroughly enjoyed doing this.   I wanted to get back to the challenges - so have started with the Acetate one at Artful Times

Also I had some bits and bobs of the Robsters that I wanted to finish - one of which was a small key type tray, I dont care much for trays.  I spill everything on the tray and then there is never enough room on the table to put the tray, so you are sweeping stuff off the table to put the tray down.   The Banana says the only person who comes to our house is the postman! (classic line!)   - but I invite everyone round when he has gone out (dont tell him that)

So here is my tray - bear with me and I shall show you where the acetate fits in (you will be able to see it in a picture further down).

First thing - cover the sides inside and out with textbook paper (pva glue).  Then I used Alcohol inks on the acetate and covered the base of the tray with a script scrapbook paper and stuck the acetate on the top.   The checkerboard down the edges was done with a Tombow.

 The large heart is the Robsters MDF heart covered in scrapbook paper and mounted ontop of a bit of old mdf so that it lies flush with the edge of the tray.

The hanging man and child with the crow is cut from Graphic 45 steampunk debutant paper and both have been finished with crystal lacquer.   Top right hand corner 6 stamps have been "tabbied" and attached to add some more height.

The black "chalkboard" is a small shape painted black and glued onto a spring peg.
 Wendy Vecchi Art Parts - the eye is from Graphic 45 paper and it has been crystal lacquered.  The artparts have been coloured brown using a Tombow and a bit of Gold mixed in from a gold pen.
 Ball chain glued on to add more texture.
 A better view of the acetate background
Love this bit - a Wendy Vecchi art part and a big fat old metal key glued on the top. 

I think this is a great way of using these trays and the scope is endless - hope you feel a bit inspired to give it a try!


Buttons said...

What a fantastic use for a tray!! It would never have occurred to me to use acetate as a way of spill proofing the base, not that any cup of tea is going near this one!! Love the dimension you've achieved, and it is great to see you back to your best crafting-wise. Thanks for your lovely comment. Hugs, Buttons x

Craftychris said...

Oh wow this is awesome! So much dimension and such a cool use of the acetate. Thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comments. xx

Suze Bain said...

I take my hat off to you for this one - I can't 'do' steampunk and I don't do acetate much either! A fab tray, so much different 'bits' to look at, I love the little girl with the raven on her head and the artfully placed ball chain! Glad you've feeling better. Take care. xx

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your lovely comment apart of course for the bit about Clacton....its a fair cop govnor ! What can I say about this amazing piece of art you wouldnt want to put a cup of tea down on that now would you !> So many wonderous bits and pieces to see on here am I am zooming in so i don't miss anything. As I am working backwards with your blog I'm not sure what your ailment has been but do hope that you a feeling stronger. Take care my crafty friend.


Neet said...

Oh Cathryn, this is awesome! I just love it. Love all the different elements you have used and to do it in that tray is inspired.
I have a tray like that in the garage - now it will have to come out of there as I can see a use coming on.
And guess what? I love steampunk so this is right up my street.
Thanks for joining us at Artful Times with this beauty.
Hugs, neet xx

Julia S-W said...

Fantastic piece of art on a tray - I love it!

Von said...

Wow will you look at that ! so much to take in ! so pleased you choose to share it with us at Artful Times
Von ♥

sam21ski said...

This is fabulous Cathryn and I love how you've used the acetate.

So pleased you're getting back to normal and have decided to join is this week.

Sam xxx