Friday, 27 July 2012

Catching up with Call the Midwife!!

Or maybe this should be called "Blazing Saddles" ....................

For ages we have been meaning to hire cycles at Middleton Top - well our other mate Mel has broken up from school and we wanted to do it before I have my eye operation.    So we did it last Wednesday................MEGA FUN!   Brilliant laugh - but totally exhausting.

Middleton Top is right up by Carsington Water not far from Ashbourne, and its really very pretty.
A nice long trail for walking, riding and cycling - the cycle hire has all sorts of bikes and it works out at £15 each for the day. we toddles............

We hired the ladies bikes with padded seats - oh my life those seats were inprinted in our backsides,
talk about massive wedgies by the end of the day!!  Them seats was steaming!

See the one on the left - thats the ones we had - Call the Midwife bikes!  If you had called us that kid would be about 27 by the time we arrived.

Before we started we had the all important office call to make....................

Now for some reason or another, Mel decided to dress as though she was auditioning for the Cadburys Flake advert -....................

this one shows Big D and Chairman Di - Bid D looking very fetching in the blue, but we were doubled up because the shorts were the same colour as her legs.  Now, anyone who has ridden a bike in shorts knows that they ride up dont they, you get a real good disappearing act with the shorts - but you see ......................them shorts was the same colour as her legs.................and peaking out..............was.......................the tip of the brown saddle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well we were all hysterical because it looked as though she had a dog up there, looked like a dogs nose peaking out - or a Thai ladyboy!

A view - which to be fair meant nothing cos we were too busy trying to keep upright, if we didnt look down at the path we wobbled terrible. 

Arty farty photo.....

Where are we? (Dunno)
How many miles we done?  (two)
Whats this map of ?  (Isle of Man)

Mel and Big D - Mel has gone a bit heavy on the lip filler there

Another view - our question "whats that" "Dunno - is there a bench?"

The bench - just too exhuasted to follow Big Ds conversation ..... notice Chairman Di is
trying to take the weight off her backside by lifting up her shoe!  Oh the pain was dreadful.

the other thing was mine and Chairman Dis gears went about 30mins in, and we rode the whole way in
FIRST GEAR!  Yep - 36 miles in FIRST GEAR!

Mel proving the size of her wedgie!

Saw my friend today and she said her husband told her that when she hangs her knickers on the line they look like curtains!!!   Love it!!!

Here we are at the end - we are worn out totally.... I have to say my bosom looks pretty damn good.

Now I HAD to put this one in because I LOVE LOVE LOVE the random bloke at the back -
you can see that we are like "Bloody hell Diane take the picture" .......I think Diane must have told him to sod off because the one above is the second one......   he is saying "can I have me bikes back!"

See the rucksack on the floor - just been thrown - in that I am knackered way that you throw the
rucksack down!

We had a great time really - fabulous.


Wandering Star said...

Hurrah our gal is back. Really envy you your bike ride. We used to ride from Pilsey hey on the trail with our Grandchildren. Loved it. Well done you.It looked as if you had great fun.

Buttons said...

OMG you've had me in stitches!! Have never attempted that route by bike and now I know why - I'd have been knackered long before the end! Well done for achieving it (loud round of applause).
Great to see you back with us. Hugs, Buttons x

Suze Bain said...

ROFL, that guy is hilarious. I'm on my hols, thanks for providing me with such an entertaining read. Poor Mel, she must have been struggling with wind resistance witht those trousers. xx

Neet said...

Love it - keep 'em coming Cathryn. I tell you, you need to think about writing a book.
Hugs, neet xx

Anonymous said...

I haven't been by because i thought you where awol and I see i have missed tons of hilarity. I actually cried and nearly wet my knickers reading this, please please write a book . The photos are fab and yes your bosoms look very perky indeed ! Thank you so much for your package i nearly fell on the floor when I opened it and found that gorgeous box inside that I had coveted and kept stroking it and ogling it and the people in the street ( couldn't wait to get home and opened it in the P>O ) thought i was a nutter which I am .


Anonymous said...

Forgot to comment on large attractive man in background....... OMG he is sooooo sexy love his stance, who got his number !!