Friday, 23 December 2016

Hello and Merry Christmas!

Hello there!

First of all I would like to thank everyone who sent me messages of support, both through the blog and to my email.

It has been, and continues to be an awful long road to a full recovery.   Whilst the operation went well, and is doing its job - somewhere along the line I have fallen into a very tiny % in which something goes terribly terribly wrong.

That means I am either a complete and utter jonah - or very special!  So I am going for the special!!!

As a result my crafting really has proved so difficult, but I am adapting and adjusting - and will be posting as much as I am able in the New Year.

My family and friends have been nothing short of spectacularly amazing!  I am blessed!

So I would like to wish everyone of you a very Merry Christmas. but also a happy, healthy, peaceful and contented 2017.

Keep Safe!

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

An update and some news!

Hi everyone,

Well as you know I have suddenly stopped posting - and there is a reason for this.

Unfortunately I have to go into hospital to have a really bad and quite serious operation which is going to put me out of action for quite some time - it could not have come at a worse time, but is there ever a good time?

So I am taking a sabbatical of quite some months! That sounds better doesnt it!  Once I am up and running again I will begin my art journey once again!

Thank you for supporting me - and I do hope that you will continue to visit maybe to gain inspiration from previous posts, or just pop in every now and again to see if I have returned.

Bye for now!

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Alarming Love!

Hi everyone!

Its been a busy time, a bit full on - did you all have a wonderful Valentines Day?  He forgot as usual, but then again if he buys me chocolates he eats them!  Or picks out all the nice ones - you know how you say "would you like one" and in your mind you are thinking "dont take the fudge, dont take the caramel, dont take that one .....take the one dont like" and blow me he goes straight for the ones I like!   I used to hide them but he can hear the rustle of the chocolate box from 1 mile away, strange really because if you say "could you......" he cannot hear it!!! Laughing!!!!

Anyway I have been a lucky girlie and the lovely Ingrid over at Mixed Media World is giving £10
voucher to 3 lucky entrants selected at random and I was selected!  How generous is that?  I thought it was a lovely gesture.

The challenge this month at Mixed Media World is Love is in the air and also the uber talented Janka is now part of the design team - she is great!

Also at the really super duper Anything But Cute Challenge Blog is Grungy Love

So in the spirit of Valentines day I decided to do something for the person I love most in the world ....ME!!! Laughing!!!  Yeah something I felt like doing for myself

I did a grungy love clock - and here is how I did it.   I got an old alarm clock from the Charity Shop and then stripped it down and soaked the carcass in a rust bath of 50/50 White Vinger and Bleach.  I left it there for 2 weeks.

But it did'nt rust as much as I wanted it too, and by then I was fed up of waiting.  So I put a good layer of Golden Gel Medium here and there and left it to dry.  Then I went in with my Viva Decor Rust and Patina (FANTASTIC STUFF!)

Then I embossed some card for the background, cut out loads of cogs, and also selected an appropriate vintage image and then reassembled the inside of the clock.

I LOVE this I really do - I enjoyed doing it, and was really delighted with it - my Alarming Love!!!

Have a great week and happy crafting!

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Gelli Plate - now I like it!

Hi everyone

I am way behind visiting you guys I really am - forgive me please!

The Gelli Plate - you know I have been on the fence with this, its been stuffed in the cupboard, paintwise I just cant get on with it, it doesnt happen for me.  So today I thought I would use inks, and I need to go with something I am comfortable with - so I wondered if I could do a faux finish using the Gelli Plate and inks.

So I did a marble effect and I was thrilled with the outcome and there was no need for the softening brush etc. which I would normally use if using paints - its quite a process.

 I used some shiny card which was knocking around, and cut out my frame, but I used the negative part for the background.

First thing was to press onto the gelli plate a selection of brown and yellow inks then go over them with the brayer, then take a feather or a liner brush, lightly damp and swipe it through some black ink.  If you are using a liner brush hold it right at the very end of the handle and really lightly, you are aiming to use the length of the brush rather than the tip.  Then just gently lay it on the Gelli Plate and twizzle it between your fingers as you create the marble effect.

 Then press your card on as usual.

I used Viva Decor Faux Rust on the frame and also added some Gold Acrylic paint as I wanted it to feel like an aged picture frame.

I used a vintage postcard of the Modestia which I then covered with Crackle Glaze - but you cannot see that very well at the moment.  I also added Viva Decor Gold Glitter from the Glitter Pen - as I wanted it to look as though the frame had been richly jewelled at one stage.
So I am going to enter this into the following two challenges:-

Country View Crafts - which is Make your own Background in this case its marbling.

And also into

Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Life - a mixed media card


Have you noticed how more and more mixed media cards are becoming mini works of art in themselves?   Very often the work and creativity that has gone into a card really is worthy of a stand alone canvas.  

Anyway - how is everyone?  I have to say, I find the creative juices don't flow as much in the cold weather, I am far more productive when the nights are a bit lighter and its warmer.  

Indigo Blu have an "Anything Goes" theme over on the challenge blog - and I have created a mixed media card

I took some heavy card and using PVA glue, stuck on some map scrapbook paper, and then onto that some creamy handmade paper (kept on layering).  I knew I was going to do an image transfer so needed to seal the top layer of paper, so spread a good layer of PVA glue over the top and let it dry.

Then I stenciled texture paste and prepared my image transfer.  However, looking at it I knew the background was too blah.....

I knew I was going to use this set of stamps......

So the when the texture paste was dry, I sanded the background to create further texture, then using Glazing Medium and Yellow Ocher put a wash over the background (avoiding the image transfer).
Glazing Medium makes the paints transparent and opens up the drying time (keeps paint wet for longer) also remember the  majority of yellows are already transparent - Yellow Ochre is a pigment so will have a richer colour anyway.

Then I stamped "me stamp" and embossed it.   Then completed the image transfer by wetting the paper and peeling it off.

The final steps were to add further depth, and this was done by using various ink colours through a stencil and around the edges.  I then swiped some Acrylic White paint and rubbed it on as well - you can see this quite clearly.

Also added are lots of texture threads and metal embellishments, along with the butterfly and word from the same stamp set.

I also added some faux stitching - huge shout out to Jenny Marples of Pushing the right buttons - I first learnt this from her and I thought it was genius!!  Also if you visit the Anything But Cute Blog the amazing (and I do mean amazing) Astrid has done a tutorial and she uses this as well.

So am off now - going to pay a visit to you all and comment, and MARIE!!!! Its great to see you back again and hope you are well, and also KRIS - super you are blogging again!

Have a great week!